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Most Jewish, Christians and Moslem parishioners do not know very much about the basic book they use as their only religious and divine guide. The reason for this is based in the fact that very few of them, not unlike yourself, know the answer to the following questions related to the history and development to the ORIGINAL BIBLE and their many VERIONS.


1. Q. What is meant by the word Bible ?

2. Q. When was the first BBLE written ?

3. Q. When was the first Hebrew [or Jewish] BIBLE written ?

4. Q. When was the first Christian BIBLE written ?

5. Q. How many BOOKS were in the first Jewish Bible ?

6. Q. How many BOOKS were in the first Christian Bible

7. Q. Which one of the bibles is called the OLD TESTAMENT ?

8. Q. Who was the African that introduced the story about “CREATION OF THE WORLD”?; When was he born ? and What was the name of the Pharaoh he fought?

9. Q.  What is the name of the ORIGIANL [first] CHRISTIAN BIBLE ? and What language was it written ?

10. Q.  Who is the main character in the Old Testament and in the New Testament?

11. Q. In what year was the Moslim [Muslim] QUR'AN [OR Bible] written ?

12. Q. How many VERSIONS of the Bible preceded the KING JAMES VERSION?

13. Q. Name at least one BIBLE written for another English monarch ?

14. Q. What is the meaning of the word VERSION and how its differs from the following words: ORIGINAL and FACIMILE ?


16. Q. What is the difference between the Latin-Vulgate and King James VERSIONS?

17. Q. Were all of the men who wrote all of the VERSIONS equally “INSPIRED”?

18. Q. Would you accept another English VERSION and why ?

19.Q. Who is the MAIN CHARACTER in all of the HOLY BOOKS of the world ?

   20. Q. Which was the ORIGINAL FORM of the Bible: BOOK OR SCROLL ?

A Chronology of the Bible

“Challenge To The Standard Version”

By Dr. Yosef Ben-Jachannan

       About the Author:


Dr. Yosef A.A. ben-Jochannan, affectionately known as "Dr. Ben" was born December 31, 1918, to a Puerto Rican mother and an Ethiopian father in what is known as the "Falasha" Hebrew community in Gondar, Ethiopia.

Dr. Ben's formal education began in Puerto Rico. His early education continued in The Virgin Islands and in Brazil, where he attended elementary and secondary school. Dr. Ben earned a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering at the university of Puerto Rico, and a Master's degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Havana, Cuba. He received doctorial degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Moorish History, from the University of Havana and the University of Barcelona Spain.

Dr. Ben was adjunct professor at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, for over a decade (1976–1987). He has written and published over forty-nine books and papers, revealing much of the information unearthed while he was in Egypt. Two of his better known works include, Black Man of the Nile and His Family and Africa: Mother of Major Western Religions.

In 1939, shortly after receiving his undergraduate degree, Dr. Ben's father sent him to Egypt to study first hand the ancient history of African People. Since 1941, Dr. Ben has been to Egypt at least twice a year. He began leading educational tours to Egypt in 1946. When asked why he began the tours, he replied "because no one knew or cared about Egypt and most believed Egypt was not in Africa." According to Dr. Ben, Egypt is the place to go to learn the fundamentals of living. Over five decades have passed and Dr. Ben, a pre-eminent scholar and Egyptologist, remains focused on Nile Valley Civilization.

Dr. Ben is a 360° Mason of The Craft.

Where there are no dates, works are ordered alphabetically

Selected Works of  Dr. Yosef A.A. ben-Jochannan


Text Box: The Myth of Exodus and Genesis and the Exclusion of their African Origins [Academic Literature, 1996]
A Chronology of the Bible: Challenge to the Standard Version [Academic Literature]
Abu Simbel to Ghizeh: a Guide Book and a Manual [Academic Literature]
Africa: Mother of Civilization (African-American Heritage Series) [Academic Literature]	
African Origins of Major Western Religions [Academic Literature]
Black Clergy and Black Seminarians Without a Black Theology [Academic Literature]
Black Man of the Nile and His Family [Academic Literature]
Cultural Genocide in the Black and African Studies Curriculum [Academic Literature]
From Afrikan Captives to Insane Slaves: the Need for Afrikan History in Solving the Black Mental Hea [Academic Literature]
Our Black Seminarians and Black Clergy Wit [Academic Literature]
The Need for a Black Bible [Academic Literature]
We the Black Jews: Witness to the 'White Jewish Race' Myth Vols 1 and 2 [Academic Literature]

Internet Resources

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Race and History - Book Review and Biography
The Global African Community - Introduction to Dr. Ben's Work and Life
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Cultural Revolution

The advent of the “Cultural Revolution” that swept the Black Communities of the entire world also swept the RELIGIOUS conscience of the Black Clergy. As leaders of the largest segment of the Black Communities, the Black Clergy generally suffer equally as much as their followers; thus it must equally deal with the proper information needed for an informed Black Community, particularly in the area or the religious life. The first step must be with the human life-style the history of religion teaches. In order to accomplish this end, the need to understand the main DOCUMENT of said teaching, its origin, its development, and its meaning, becomes the responsibility of the Black Theologians, Black Clergy, and the Black Teachers


Text Box: Comments:

The following members of the Black Clergy commented on The Chronology Of The Bible.

REV. GEORGE P. POLK: “The Bible Chronology is a must for any serious student of God’s Sacred Truth. Every black Christian ought to know from when his religion came. Dr. Ben-Jochannan has accomplished this task admirably.”

REV. WILLIAM F. HAWKINS: “When God summons a man for a specific task, the man is God-equipped for it. An accurate chronology of the Bible, written in easy reading style as set forth by Dr. Ben-Jochannan , makes it easy for the Black Clergy and Black Teachers alike to better understand the Bible as a whole. I am proud to have the honour of commenting on the works of such a scholar.”

REV. JAMES E. GUNTHER: “This monogram presents a challenging spring board for deeper exploration and investigation to member-seminaries of the American Association of Theological Schools. It’s implications for Church History and Biblical Studies stagger my imagination. To think of Moses as an African, to think of Egypt as a part of Africa open the gates of Truth and the opportunity to demythologize Western, North American, Theological symbol systems. I commend  it to our laymen and religious educational institutions and Board of publication.”

RABBI HAILU PARIS: “Certainly the beginning of Judaeo-Christian-Islamic theology had its origin in the teaching of the indigenous African and Asian peoples of the Nile River, Tigris River, and the Euphrates River valleys. This is just a sample of the background of the origin of the source of the TRUSTS all of us preach – the OLD and NEW TESTAMENT or QUR′AN.”

REV. SIS. BESSIE I. ROBBINSON: “I had always wondered what the TRUE ORIGIN of the first Bible was; the place where it was written; the people who wrote it; and the name of ORIGINAL. The Lord certainly acts in His mysterious way; would I have expected the answer from other than a member of the Clergy? No! TRUTH has no boundaries. Dr. Ben-Jochannan was called to deliver the WORD and its SOURCE OF ORIGIN. I will have to read the rest of his works.”




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Beliefs and Commentaries


“All faith is FALSE, all faith is TRUE.

TRUTH is the shattered mirrors strewn In myriad bits; while each BELIEVES

His LITTLE BIT the whole to own.”


From “The Kasidah of Hji Abu el-Yezdi”, as translated by Sir Richard F. Burton