Text Box: Prayer

You Most High and 
Creative Force
Who is known by 
Many Holy Names

We thank You 
For life

Grant the conditions
So that we will open 
Our minds to 
The flow of Wisdom 
Knowledge and 
In the interest of our 
Spiritual and Mental
Liberation in order that
We as African Peoples 
Will again embrace fully 
Our Heritage of Creation as 
We enter 
The 21st Century 
And beyond

Help us to persuade 
Those who had enslaved 
Colonised and done us 
Grave injustices in history 
And those who continue to 
Do the same today to 
That the Spirits of 
Our Ancestors may 
Rest in serene peace 

That we may forgive 
Those who asked 
Forgiveness for their 
Past and current 
Wrongs against ourselves 
And our children.

We humbly ask 
That you 
Grant our requests

Ba Afrika

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