Text Box: Cries of Our Kidnapped Ancestors
[Poem Memorial in Honour of our Afrikan Ancestors]

The Echo of our DNA witnessed the cries of our ancestors’
Tears like rain
Voices like the roar of the seas calling upon the Deities of their choice
What is this thing that fallen upon us?
We stumbled, bare feet, some clothed, along the long grass and unknown thorny paths, Shackled with strangers, passing emptied villages we knew not
And yet black strangers became our brothers and sisters in bondage

The invaders came by sea and land, with their weapons, collaborators, chains, shackles and whips
 They violated, chained, shackled and pulled our 
Tired limbs, hastily away from our villages, under the tropical sun.
They visited first our neighbours
We did not hear our neighbours’ cries 
And then it was our tern and no one heard our cries

Was it something we did unknown to us
Great Ancestor?
 Will you free us?
And if this must be Our Destiny
Will you travel with us?
If we should travel alone, who, Almighty One, will we call upon in strange lands?

Our Destiny unknown
We are swallowed by strange ship and existed in the dark bellies
We are herded like cattle as we herded our animals in our Land
Yet we received no compassion and care as we cared for our cattle
We are killed daily
We die from the diseases within the bellies of the slave ship
We cannot show our customary respect to our newly departed
Our bodies are food to the fish in the deep angry seas
Our women gave birth in chains amidst the stench and heat of the ship’s rocking bellies
We cannot initiate our newly born in accordance with ancient Alkebu-lan customs
We have not seen the night skies and the stars for many weeks

Only the strong among us are still alive
We no longer have our husbands
We no longer have our wives
We no longer have our mothers and fathers
We no longer have our sons and daughters
We no longer have our brothers and sisters
Our families have been broken, scattered and divided like 
Spoils among the invaders, nameless barbarians.

And while we sailed the seas of the unknown
Navigated and guarded by barbarian slavers
They called and treated us as heathen savages
Yet we had not entered their lands and did them wrongs

We are thirsty and hungry
Yet our lands have plenty
Who will till and harvest our fields
Who will tend to our animals?
Who will attend our places of worship?
Who will support our young, old and sick?
Who will dance around the village fires?
Who will attend to the graves of our ancestors?

Pain, miseries and despair, 
On our long, long sea-sick 
Ocean journeys without privacy
The whip is still upon us
Our bodies have been taken
We cannot move freely
We are tightly chained and packed together
Our bodily functions flowed where we lay

Our daily wash at our village streams and rivers are no more
When the stench of the ship’s bellies became unbearable to invaders and captives
Slavers and their collaborators doused our collective bodies with buckets of the Oceans’ salty waters

What is this thing that fallen upon us?
Was it something we did to the ancestors of our cruel kidnappers in distant times?
What will become of our Children in strange lands?
Will they return to the Land of their Ancestors without
 The chains, pains and humiliations?
Will they return with the vengeance of the innocents?
Yes. We shall return!

Ba Afrika 

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