Text Box: People of A Lesser God?

The Restless Beast becomes Impatient.

It snaps at any and all opposition, hindering the completion of its tasks to accomplish settlement in its chosen Lair.

The Beast spits and shits on the innocents in frustrations, anger and arrogance.

Who? A People of a Lesser God!  

Yet the Sands of Time drain away.

The Harvest is near.

While your seeds blossomed, you slumbered, induced by false Hegemony.

Blood, the springs of your Garden.

Will you not reap? If not, who shall reap?

And yet you hope to avoid the consequences of your rebellion.

The awaited Tide of Change is now with us. 

The birds are preparing for retirement and innocence gone to sleep.

Death is given free reign, yet for a while. Fear abounds. 
The Inevitable takes Centre Place.

Destiny Rules Supreme. 
Values twisted and laid at the wayside of misjudgement and disobedience.

The dispossessed and outcasts rise to the surface of permanent change.

Destiny fulfilled. Your Oracle warned! Did you not believe?

Ba Afrika

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