Text Box: “The Rules
Of the 
Democratic Game 
Are Changing”

We are as civilised and liberal as our immediate social, economic and political circumstances allowed us to be.

In the final analysis, we put our interests first above all other nations. As the rules of the game continue to change, so are our shifting interpretations of our liberal Western democracies.

The way in which we treat those who are less able among us is a time-honoured barometer as to the quality of our individual and collective liberalism.

Unequipped with the necessary powers approved by the Higher Orders,  certain elements among Humanity are being encouraged to forget their ephemeral nature and aspire to making transitions to travel the Highways of the Gods.

Britain is at the threshold of a Renaissance. One which she had never experienced and one which to some extent vary significantly from her 15th -16th century history.

The approaching Renaissance is being born out of a firm and disciplined Order, whose seeds are being germinated and gradually blossoming among us. It takes its strength from world uncertainties, conflicts, and individual sacrifices. One which is claiming, rightly or wrongly, the moral high grounds. One which is prepared to make the ultimate human sacrifice to maintain and sustain those grounds. It is an Order that is being spear-headed by people of “colour”, relatively poor and selfless, who possess a strong sense of truth and natural justice.

Some of the Old Guards of British Cultural Order seem to be in denial, partly because they believe that they are still in firm control of the Leavers of Power. They are being deceived in their ignorance.

The old European option of reaching for the “Final Solution” is no longer an option, as it had been in the 15th century Spanish Inquisitions; the 19th and early 20th century Russian Pogroms and the 20th century Adolf Hitler’s Germany.

Human ideas, sincerely generated and held sacred, are almost impossible to destroy. This was clearly shown by the African peoples in the Americas, Africa and Her Diaspora, during the 15th-20th century struggles for emancipation, independence and civil rights, with notable references to Apartheid South Africa and the people of South and Darfur Regions, of the Sudan. The Palestine people in Modern Palestine, among other geo-political considerations, taught us that the demand of a people can be contained for a time, but not for ever.

A tide of Humanity is flowing from the East into the ‘civilised’ West, a crucial test, and not even an ‘iron curtain’ can stem that flow to a level, in order to avoid inevitable changes ahead. Attempts at crude tinkering by some form of social engineering, will only bring about copious conflicts, bloodshed, disorder and more martyrdom.

The Gate is Open. The poor have come of age. Charitable hand outs and short term aids to “developing nations” as short term fix, instead of equitable trade agreement, accommodating honourable participations of all nations, will not bring about lasting resolutions. Exporting colonising ideas, loaded theologies, social, economic, political, military and cultural imperatives to the “developing” world will not change the course of the inevitable.

The World has become a village, landscaped by Humanity’s great achievements in global Information, Telecommunication and Communication systems. Every man, woman and child has access and potential access to effective and instant world communication, even at an interactive level, by way of ‘pay-as-you-go’, mobile phone handsets. The World’s poor are making intuitive and actual demands. They are acting on their natural impulses, with a working understanding of the United Nations Conventions on Human Rights. They have a basic sense that they, as individuals, have rights, which must be satisfied. Multi-national consumerisms have encouraged this demand based on profit motive.

 ‘Dictators’ have become caricatures of the world’s mass audience. The old ‘gun-boat diplomacy’, under new guises, is still being tried, and ending fatally and disastrously both for the commanders and the recipients, the ‘liberators’ and the ‘liberated’, with residual threats to world peace.

The conveyor belt of change is rolling. Western powers are in rapid decline, like those who went before them, including historical Pharaonic, Persian, Asian, Roman, Ottomans and the British, Empires. A NEW path has been opened, heralding almost a full circle of the past. The climate for fundamental world changes is upon us.

The East’s emerging industrial Nations are now visible and unassailable. Their journeys will be long, significant and challenging. These Dragons will rule mankind for a relatively short time. The speed with which their powers will pass will be determined by the respect shown to Mother Earth and Her life supporting eco system.

The forces of unbridled materialism and associated hypnotic seductions are bringing unpleasant consequences to Humanity and Global Life sustaining properties.

Limited escape routes to the Cosmos have been planned and being executed by some of us, the privileged few. This is not a lasting solution because the realities from which we are attempting to escape are embedded within us. We carry them wherever we go.  We carry them within our logical imbalance, disharmony, untruth, injustice, disorder and greed. We have continued to carry them to local, regional, national and international expositions and, we will also take them to and beyond the stars, if we were allowed access.

If nothing else, Imperial Rome taught that we cannot sustain a healthy and civilised society without clear, balanced and applied moral standards. Moral decay lives with us and we descend with it. Among us in Britain, and across the World, are those from all cultures, who recognised the necessity for change and equilibrium.

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