Text Box:  Welcome Great Afrika

Welcome Great Afrika. Welcome.

We can see your moving outlines 
In distant horizons coming 
Your footsteps Firm. 
Your Power True. 

We hear your Great Harmonics 
Very pleasing and Liberating to
Our Essence.  

Your Movement thunders. 
Your Breath full of Hope. 
Your Children are dancing. 
Your enemies weakening.

Welcome Great Afrika. Welcome.
You are Strong, 
Powerful and Plentiful.

You are bathed in Celestial Lights of 
Our Redemption.
You are Victorious.

Your coming pushes away 
The frontiers of Darkness.

A New Dawn beckons. 
The Night fades and 
The bright rising Sun lit
The morning skies.

Welcome Great Afrika.
You stayed away much too long.
Shadows are melting. 
Edifices are falling.

Lions roared  as
They rehearsed their welcoming melodies.
Elephants’ trumpets are tuned, waiting to
Trumpet your triumphant return.

The Birds sung their melodic and 
Mass choruses. 
Welcome Great Afrika! Welcome!

TIME in serenity authenticates
Your thundering path 
Making way for 
Your Majestic appearance.

Welcome Great Afrika. 
Your Children bid you welcome.

Ba Afrika

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