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Afrikan Crucible & Resurrection

By Vince Hines


1. Tribute to African Young People at Home and Abroad

2. Chattel Slavery: African Union Official call for Reparations 

3. Jewish Sensitivities and Black Community Development

4. Without Repentance there can be no Forgiveness

5. Government policy and black-led NGOs in the UK

6. Urban Children and Young People: Gun Babies of Our Making

7. Diaspora Eco Warriors fight for best practice

8. New Face of African Politics

9. Giving Priority to African Languages

10. Africa and Diaspora Working Together (Self-Help Partnerships):

                   1: The African Diaspora Defined;

                   2: Estimated population and distribution;

                   3: African Diaspora in the 21st Century;


                       (CARICOM) TO THE AFRICAN UNION (AU);

                   5: Consistency of the Rastafari Movement’s Support

                       for African Unity and Development;

                   6: African Union SPECIAL PROGRAMME;

                   7: African Diaspora Summit, Jamaica, 11th -18th  July 2007;

                   8: African Self-Help;

                   9: Tax relief on migrant income, another method of

                       financing Africa and Diaspora  development and

                       poverty reduction; and

                  10:A Need for Diasporic Long Term Investment in Africa

11.  A Need for A Strong, Effective, Non-align, International,

        Dogma-Friendly Global Pan-African Network




13.  Poems :

i. Racist Intrusions of Our Minds

ii. Dance of the House Snail

iii. The Offerings

iv. WELCOME Great Afrika

  APPENDICES:  Examples of Contemporary Reparations


         Appendix A:     Reparations Agreement between the

                                 State of Israel and West Germany on

                                 10 September 1952

         Appendix B:     West German Holocaust Payoff – Journal of

                                 Historical Review



“This work may well turn out to be Dr. Hines’ Magnus opus.” – Jak Beula, Nubian Jak, UK

Text Box: Reviewers’ Comments


 “…incisive African-Caribbean Literature at its best”


 “Afrikan Crucible and Resurrection by Dr. Vince Hines is a unique piece of literature. In one sweep, it spans over four hundred years of the history of Africa in a global context, linking the past and the contemporary, the ‘children’ of continental Africa and her diaspora -  peoples of African origin and their time-honoured practical methods adopted for survival and resistance over  many centuries, from African slave rebellions, anti-colonial and anti-apartheid struggles, civil rights and anti-racist campaigns to a clarion call for reparations. All this is heaped neatly under a motivational concept of Pan-Africanism, based on the principles of self determination and the individual rights and freedom and evoking the cherished concept of African unity.


 “Dr. Vince Hines laid bare the cruel contradiction associated with modern concepts of enlightenment, civilisation and globalisation,   and the failure of exponents - whose lineage benefited from the enslavement of an innocent people and now from the marginalisation of a continent -   to recognise and enact strategies for equity, social justice and  reparations for past misdeeds including  a protracted and  immeasurable destruction of African heritage, and the exploitation of the continent’s  human and natural resources over hundreds of years  which resulted in the broken rhythm of African development and a monumental loss of human capital and potential unmatched in the history of the world.


 “I recommend this book to serious readers, secular thinkers and students alike, as a demonstration of incisive African-Caribbean literature at its best.”

Professor Franklyn Lisk, Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation, University of Warwick, UK.


“It is a tool for those who would like to understand more about Africa and Diaspora claims for reparations, for wrongs done against black Africans, lasting for many centuries.”

“AFRIKAN CRUCIBLE AND RESURRECTION is a documentation of human endurance, courage and spiritual fortitude, resulted in bursts of Light and Energy, shattering mental barriers, liberating African minds and renewing Collective Self.


“This extensive work is a running and easy to read description of protracted cruelties, greed and deceptions, affecting many generations and engulfing an entire Continent of melanin-rich race of Black people. It is a story of Triumph. Crimes against humanity were transported to several continents, which affected many millions of minds and bodies, resulting in structured disruptions and unhealthy social growth.


“Consequences which eventually affected the generations of the abused and the abusers.  Afrikan Crucible and Resurrection discusses contemporary social, economic and political history with authoritative ease. This work is packed with information which should be useful to pupils in the class rooms, lecturers and students in the lecture halls, central and local government policy makers, professional and laymen and women, non-governmental organisation (NGOs), public libraries and families in Africa, the African Diasporas, and the world over. It is a tool for those who would like to understand more about Africa and Diaspora claims for reparations, for wrongs done against black Africans, lasting for many centuries. Dr. Vince Hines shows clear understanding of contemporary geo-political ‘games’, impacting on Africa and her Diasporas, and makes clear suggestions as to the way forward, for the development and reinforcement of an Africa-Diaspora collective identity. And, on behalf of the older generation, Dr Hines, in Chapter One, offered a public tribute to African young people, at home and abroad.”

Dr. Den Dongrin Akuany, BSc, LLB(Hons), CiHL, DDA, MA, PhD, Joint Chairperson, The Afrikan and Diaspora Institute (AaDI), South Sudan, Africa.


“This work may well turn out to be Dr. Hines’  Magnus opus.” 


 “Afrikan Crucible and Resurrection is a valiant attempt to highlight the struggles African on the Continent and in the Diaspora have faced over the last four centuries. This work   is an intelligent, practical and useful template to establish a useful foundation on which African people can build globally. This work may well turn out to be Dr. Hines’ Magnus opus. Diasporan Africans, and in particular those now described as African British people, will find this essay enlightening. Dr Hines is perhaps an unsung hero in our (black) community. Some could argue that he has not yet received the levels of support and recognition his commitment and resolve deserved.   


“I would like to commend Dr Hines on another piece of seminal work which is at least equal to his essay on the implications for Africans in Britain under a united Europe back in 1992. Dr Hines continues to silently beaver away making his long-lasting contribution to our community and helping many of our younger members through the work he does with his Foundation. I whole heartedly support and endorse Afrikan Crucible and Resurrection and look forward to Dr. Hines’ continued analysis of African peoples’ progressions globally.” - Jak Beula, Nubian Jak, UK




“Vince Hines remains true in his activities and search for solution, not only in philosophy but in practical everyday activities.”


“Dr. Vince Hines, Britain’s Civil Rights stalwart, enduring community activists, journalist and author, in producing AFRIKAN CRUCIBLE & RESURRECTION, demonstrates yet again, beyond any doubt the genius of his understanding of the dynamics of Africans and their struggles on the Continent and Diaspora. AFRIKAN CRUCIBLE & RESURRECTION is an indication of   the current path along which the Movement for freedom and re-birth flows in reclaiming African Peoples’ birthrights.


“When the goings got tough and some people deserted the Movement for Change,   by becoming part of the Problem in joining with reactionary forces, Vince Hines remains true in his activities and search for solutions,   not only in philosophy but in practical everyday activities. This is shown by his   association and work with those less able of all ages, on the ‘front lines’ of social injustices, exclusions and racism, armed with his favourite themes - ‘self-help is the key’; ‘organise and survive’ and  ‘warn, encourage and support each other’.


“The contents of AFRIKAN CRUCIBLE & RESURRECTION  help us to view from a panoramic perspective the journey taken by many generations of Africans during the past five hundred years, often living thousands of miles apart, yet maintaining a common bond of heritage and a collective desire for self-determination. Dr. Hines’ work is dynamic, empirical, authoritative, historical, creative and productive, which confronts medieval, modern and post modern injustices to, and resistance by, Africans, at various geographical locations on our Planet.  Dr. Hines is courageous to remind us all about those elements in history, still impacting on our many lives, which others would prefer to forget – African chattel slavery and its consequences and those who benefited yesterday and today.


“The African global communities have many ‘dead heroes’. Dr. Vince Hines is one of our live heroes by his protracted consistency over four decades, fighting with others for our human and civil rights and paying the individual price on the way.”


Dr. Osakwe Osifo, Ph.D., B.Sc., D.Psy., Secretary General, Confederation of African Nationals and Decendants (CAND)





“I did not realise that the work would be so long (perhaps that is a comment). What I did read was interesting and useful and would be a useful educative tool.”

Bernadette Hawkes


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