Community Education and Training Services

UK Registered Charity No.: 269681. Est. 1975.

UK Registered Learning Provider. Department for Education and Skills Registration No.:10006844


Text Box: We support Self-Help, Community Development and Sustainable Environment

The Vince Hines Foundation

2007 Positive Activities

  for Children and Young People

“Projects to provide life coaching and mentoring for children and young people who are hardest to reach.” PROJECT DETAILS: LINK 

Another Way Project

Education and Learning Project

Supporting children and young People between the ages of 12-19 years, truants and potential truants, academic under achievers, those hardest to reach,  unemployed, at high risks of social exclusion and potential involvement in the criminal justice system.

Children and Young People Gun and Knife Crime

“Projects or programmes must be seen by users to be totally committed to assist them. Beneficiaries must realise that changes could only come about by both the Project and each beneficiary working in partnership for change and improvement, however slow that pace might be.


 “It is clear that young people, who are not engaged, eventually become a costly burden on society.  Therefore society has a responsibility to address each passing generation, it is clear that young people are becoming more disenfranchised. As such, they are not becoming stakeholders within society.“


Excerpts from a recent research and Special Report, published by Self-Help News, called “Urban Children And Young People—Gun Babies” - 1st Edition. Released by UK based Zulu Publications May 2007.


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Description of Service

 After school leisure and recreation activities, information and advice for young people, music and group discussions. Special: Britain’s 1807-2007 Bicentenary Slave Abolition commemoration activities. Outreach.

Time of Operation

Including Term time and school holidays

Days and Opening hours

Mon-Fri, during office hours. Special Appointments on Saturdays


Both male and female

Age Group catered for

8-19 years

Ethnic groups catered for

General. Black African, Caribbean and Mixed/bi-racial target as special needs



Area of service

London Boroughs of Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham and Hounslow

Catchments Areas


Service Referral

Both referred and self-referral

Specific referral procedure, if any


Legal Status

Registered charity  and UK Registered Learning Provider

Planned events for 2007

Yes. Outings, group and music discussions, day trips, adventure activities, etc. Programme on request.

Sector category

Education, sports, leisure and recreation








This Programme is subject to adjustments