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UK Registered Charity No.: 269681. Est. 1975.

UK Registered Learning Provider. Department for Education and Skills Registration No.:10006844


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The Vince Hines Foundation

2007 Building Fund Appeal   


The Vince Hines Foundation, Community Education and Training Services, had been operating in the community since 1975. Based in West London, the Charity had helped over 40,000 people of various ethnicities and ages, on non-discriminatory and equal opportunity basis, based on the Charity’s registered objectives, filed at the Charity Commission of England and Wales. The Charity is in need of a permanent Headquarter (HQ) building and therefore needs funds to purchase it.


How the Charity helped members of the community since 1975


Substantive documented evidence, filed annually with the Charity Commission, shown that the Charity helped people in the general areas of:

· Family in need - children and young people;

· Community learning;

· The unemployed and those term hardest to reach,  including those who came in contact with the Criminal Justice System;

· Those at risks, including substance abusers;

· Providing community sports and leisure facilities for those who would not otherwise participate therein;

· Support for senior citizens;

· Support for the disabled;

· Small and medium sized self-help specialist groups,  by providing information, advice, temporary office and meeting facilities; and

· Shared experiences and expertise with other groups by working in partnerships, including capacity building and network workings, for the benefit of members of the community.



Why is an HQ building needed?


· To bring stability to the Charity’s long term aims;

· Save time and money – instead of paying open-ended rent, pay mortgage and eventually own the property as a valuable asset to the Charity;

· Avoid moving offices every five years, including rent increases;

· Regular moving presents unacceptable instability to the Charity;

· The Foundation is a senior voluntary and community group, which helps other new groups to develop, including capacity building. Building stability is required for this type of partnership, capacity building and  community development work;

· A permanent HQ building, suitably equipped, will provide the capacity and facilities for the Charity to house its core administrative, policy making and implementation infrastructures, in one building, in the interest of administrative economies of scale.


What Capacity and facilities are required in a permanent HQ building?


· Senior,  middle management and administrative offices, to provide overall  management, administrative and support services to the expanding  work of the Charity;

· Meeting, conference and training capacities, equipped with modern ICT facilities;

· Space for new and small voluntary and community groups needing temporary desk and meeting space, to develop specialists support for their local members in need.


What type of property is being sought - New or Conversion?


The Foundation is looking for:

· Already equipped premises with the necessary specifications; or

· A property suitable for conversion to the purpose; or

· A purpose-built building with the necessary facilities.


What is the price range of the building being sought?


The Charity’s permanent HQ building is expected to cost in the range of  £3.5M-4M (British Pounds) for purchase, conversion and suitably equipped.


Where will the HQ building located?


The Charity is looking to have the building in London, preferably in West London, where the Foundation built up a very large number of beneficiaries of various ages, gender and ethnicities, since 1975.


Where is the money coming from for the HQ building?


This appeal is being launch to attract public and private sponsorships from any and all sources, that are mindful to giving their support financially or act as bank guarantor for the purchase, conversion and equipping of the HQ property.


Who should potential sponsors contact?


The Director

The Vince Hines Foundation

Community Education and Training Services

PO Box 54916


United Kingdom



Charity Registration Number: 269681. UK Registered Learning Provider. Department for Education and Skills Registration Number: 10006844. Established 1975.


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