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“Lamenting apparent lost of old times will not resolve current predicament. We must learn to live and work in unity in the present and prepare for the future… Old School must be prepared to listen to the new and even give room for new thoughts.”  - Dr. Vince Hines, Afrika and Diaspora Institute, Co-Founder/Co-Chair

Can Pan-Africanism and Pan-Arabism co-exist in modern Africa in the long run? Which school of thought will govern Africa’s majority in the future ? Will it be one developed by original ‘native’ Africans, the majority; or one created by a coalition of interest groups ?


Given Darfur, Western Sudan, exposed fault line, where commonality of religious beliefs and nationalities did not secure the ‘native’ Africans from loss of lives, limbs, property, livelihood and individual dignity, Is  South Saharan Africa on a subliminal course for permanent divide,  on the issues of ethnicity and theocracy? What long term effects will the current ‘war on terror‘ have on Africa?”


This Special Report, “New Face of African Politics”, was produced by the Editorial Team at ‘Self-Help News’, for the  Afrikan and Diaspora Institute (AaDI), an independent  local, regional, national and   international research and networking organisation, suggesting policy direction on development and humanitarian issues in Africa and her Diaspora.


The Report provides an insight in contemporary geo-political dynamics, the  effects on ‘developing countries’, and the  changing game plans with which they are presented daily, by big competing international powers. And how these ‘plans’ are shaping  African thinking, at home and aboard, on race, ethnicity, organisation, security, theology, co-operation, international partnerships, conflict resolution and sustainable development.


In brief, the report examined ‘Africa and her Diaspora with new eyes’.  

“New Face of

 African Politics”

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