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Barack Hussein Obama II born August 4, 1961, defeated John McCain, Republic Party (Grand Old Party) Presidential Candidate, on November 4, 2008, in the USA  general election with 365 electoral votes to McCain's 173 [117] and became the first African to be elected president of the USA.


Arguable the greatest moment for Barack’s supporters, African Americans and Black People around the world, was the occasion on Election Night in the Chicago’s Park, on Tuesday, November 5, 2008 12:06 AM EST when Barack Hussein Obama II accepted publicly John McCain’s concession, and became the 44th elected President of the USA, in a Landslide Victory.


This is a high point in Geo-political history in the 21st Century.


However, we would warn against unrealistic expectations from Barack Hussein Obama II Presidency.  President Obama will only be permitted to do what Corporate America approved. There is no evidence that Corporate America is yet ready for real change. On the face of it,   Corporate America did not elect Barack or paid for his election campaign. 


The Campaign was said to have been paid for mostly by ‘ordinary’ Americans, via the INTERNET, taken from their hard earned income, during an economic recession. A high proportion of those ‘ordinary’ contributors were African Americans.


None of this group has any corporate power whatsoever. They don’t control the Military, the Police, the Financial Institutions, the Legislature or the Judiciary. Corporate America controls those.


To Corporate America, the election of Barack Hussein Obama II might have been an aberration, which it might or might not have factored into its plan for the management and control of the ‘New World Order’, to which President George Herbert Walker Bush Sr. referred in his nationally televised speech held before a joint session of Congress, on September 11, 1990. It is an aberration which they will, and perhaps, already seeking to manage, control and remove in due time.


Barack Hussein Obama II brought a great victory. That victory is in the minds of those who doubted themselves; particularly children of Africans who were made slaves and shipped from Africa across the seas to the ‘The New World’, the Americas.


Associated with that mass kidnapping was centuries of controlling the minds of the physically chained. This includes false inhumane doctrines to cause maximum inferior conflicts and self hate,   which down value   Blacks and Africans and their associated original and progressive human history of high cultures and learning.


Doctrines, including theologies, which created almost permanent   Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome  affects, extended from generation to generation, over many centuries, and still affecting many today in the Twenty First Century. This illness will remain among many of us for years to come.


 By a stroke, Obama’s election gave ‘hope’ and ‘meaning’ to those who dare to hope for Change. It was an opening of minds of those who were uncertain of the ‘Power of Self – Black Self’. Obama’s election released a Key kept hidden by those who wanted Black People to continue walk in Darkness. Obama’s election turned on a light in the minds of the masses in the USA and other parts of the world. “Yes We Can”.


Obama has completed his primary spiritual task. He did what Corporate America could not hinder. That is to create political awareness of and interests by ordinary Americans of various ethnicities and faiths in mainstream American politics.


Barack’s election challenges the Old Order and caused many to seek new directions confidently, not only in the USA; but all over the world, partly because of the USA important international influences.


Ironically, if there will be a ‘New World Order’, it is unlikely that the USA will be its Leader. While the USA remains a very large and important economy, after the current  World economic downturn levels off and returns to growth, America is likely to be playing ‘catch up, with other nations, a departure from her up-front    world leadership. America’s great deficit will be an economic millstone around her National Neck, sapping her national strength. 


The election of Barack Hussein Obama II, USA vast deficits, and current world economic recession and the repaid industrialisation and development of so-called ‘Developing Nations, like India, China, Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia and South America, probably signposts the beginning of the decline of the American Empire, one which was said to have been a Force for Good; but seemed to have lost its way, like other empires before it.  Time’s Pendulum swings both ways. The ensuing chaos that will generate from America’s lost of real power will bring new powers, centred on Africa and the East.


Barack Hussein Obama II, as President, is likely to be a prisoner to Corporate America. He will be out of reach of his electorates. They won’t be able to help him. Because they do not have any real power, except for two-three minutes casting their votes, every four years, in the voting booths on Election Day.


Nevertheless, Obama’s call for Change is heard; but who has the POWER and dare to make REAL CHANGE in the USA?


President Elect Barack Hussein Obama II Cabinet selection so far has not demonstrated a radical departure from Corporate America and the Status Quo.  Africa and the Developing World should not expect any radical departure from current USA Foreign Policy.


Africa and Africans, those at home and abroad, must do for self. We are our own freedom fighters, from the root of the family, the village, the nation and in World Forum.  Our first recognition must be about the difference between transient friendships and our permanent interests.


Let us wish Barack Hussein Obama II well, giving him our support in the interest of our collective community development, wherever we are in the World. Let us ask our Ancestors to bless Barack for his great personal triumph and light his path and assist him to see, during his journey through Corporate America’s Dark Maze.


Be vigilant.





A Response to David Vaughan Icke’s take on President Elect Obama,

Barack Hussein Obama II, USA President Elect

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