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“It’s simple; but it’s ours” - African proverb

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Africa and Diaspora

“Bobbling Spirits of the African Global Renaissance” LINK

British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, said recently that  gun violence in English cities was not a "general state of British society. The wave of gun crime sweeping Britain's cities is a specific problem within a specific criminal culture…”

Britain’s Black Self-Help Movement Replies to the UK Government’s ‘Knee Jerk’ Response to February 2007 fatal shootings. Have we now been able to identify the ‘criminal genes’ among members of our population, particularly among our young? Are ‘shooters’ born or made ? Britain’s  gun violence, its origins; seed bed of productions and the energies from which it feeds. [Click here to Read Full Special Report]

Text Box: Text Box: “Power
Text Box: ‘Baby Gunmen’ - The Products of our Societal values’

“BLACK and NIGGER” – Words  impacting on the Psyche of Afrikan Children.”

“There has been various discussions regarding current activities by Afrikan people especially those in urban environments in metropolitan cities and their continued usage of the word 'nigger' and  ‘black’.  Therefore, I have decided to take a critical look at these words and suggest possible reasons they came into being as well as why some Afrikans continue their usage, to the extent of seeking to ‘copy write’ the word 'nigger'“- Ras Messenger -read full comments

Text Box: “How to Destabilise An Independent African State”
Text Box: Garvey
Text Box: Mugabe
Text Box: Nkrumah
Text Box: Bishop
Text Box: ‘Africans
And Radical
African Claims For Reparations Cannot Be Ignored Indefinitely. 
We Are Entitled.           LINK

Open Letter to Britain’s Black Pioneers and Activists, including those who still hold true to their beliefs and working to achieving parity

By Vince Hines                         LINK

Text Box: New World Order ?   
A Call for a Coalition of Cultures to Defend Civil Liberties
“Wire tap and e-mail monitoring laws are now enforced – when will these laws be repealed? Or is it likely that government officials will be returning to our legislators and asking for additional anti-privacy laws in the near future?
Do the ordinary citizens have a sense of foreboding that they are made part of a mechanism which is heralding a ‘New Era’, within a ‘New World Order’ of probable state repression? Or at least laying the foundation for such a situation?” 
[Read Full Text Here]
Text Box: The Passing of a Committed Pan-Afrikanist

Prince Ntum ba Azah / Lester Lewis (?-2007)

“It was with great sadness that we learned of the passing of our elder and mentor Prince Ntum ba Azah / Lester Lewis in the country of his birth, St Vincent. He was the founder of Hackney Black Peoples Association, and a legendary Pan African activist, organiser and writer. He spent a period as a local councillor in Hackney with special responsibility for education and was a Race Equality Officer in Reading where many of his family still live. He was instrumental in the establishment of ‘Black History Month’ in the UK and in getting the Labour party activists Bernie Grant, Paul Boateng and Diane Abbott elected to the UK parliament in 1987.“ Read full obituary here.

Text Box: Prince Ntum ba Azah
Text Box: “Antiretroviral medication is the key to HIV-positive people becoming sexually non-infectious,” say Swiss HIV experts.
Read full text




In the


Zimbabwe Flag

Robert Gabriel Mugabe—One of Africa’s Strongest Sons


Homophobia fuelling the spread of HIV

Counter Terrorism: Britain’s Black and  Ethnic Communities at risks ?

Diane Abbott MP. Firm Defender of Civil Liberties.  A question of conscience.

  “If we as a Parliament cannot stand up on this issue, and if people from our different ethnic communities cannot come here and genuinely reflect their fears and concerns, what is Parliament for?”

Text Box: America's High Tech 'Invisible Man' 
By Tyrone D. Taborn 
Text Box: You may not have heard of Dr. Mark Dean. And you aren't alone. But almost everything in your life has been affected by his work. Read full text
Text Box: Dr. Mark Dean

Gurmit Singh, 36, told his story during the recent International AIDS Conference held in Mexico. Full story, here.

"I never thought I would be refused a

 visa because of HIV"

Gurmit Singh

Text Box: “Better must come ?” 
It will ! if we work collectively, with those of good will, avoiding ‘elitism’. This includes making necessary REAL AND MEANINGFUL sacrifices, as are required historically in ALL STRUGGLES, when the Just seeks to challenge and change rooted status quos. Those of us who think/believe that no PROTRACTED sacrifices are necessary to purchase real and lasting change may be ignorant or political and/or cultural free-loaders of the worst kind. ‘POWER CONCEDES ONLY TO A GREATER POWER’ – Intellectually, Secularly or Spiritually. 
Many of our ancestors had made those sacrifices. Some of our contemporaries are making the same from continental Afrika through to the Afrikan Diaspora. What have we, the individual and or collective, sacrificed recently or at any time of our existence, for the CAUSE  which we professed to be passionately committed ?   The TRUE answer may rest within.

Technologies have availed the tools for us to fight back, contain and triumph. Are we MOVING fast enough ?

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“All faith is FALSE, all faith is TRUE.

TRUTH is the shattered mirrors strewn In myriad bits; while each BELIEVES

His LITTLE BIT the whole to own.”


From “The Kasidah of Hji Abu el-Yezdi”, as translated by Sir Richard F. Burton


—“Contrition without meaningful reparations is empty gesture.”


Link: ‘Who Owns You’  

Link: Video History of Black Hebrews?

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