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The apparent universality and wide ranging implications of ‘The Cull’ prompted a request for wider views on this  work, which, on the face of it, exhibits ‘deep darkness and extensive enlightenment’.  

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The Cull


When Liberalism dies

And Materialism rules

And The Creator vacates

The minds of Man


When water is rationed globally

And the Line grows thin

And Race, gender, colour,

Societal status merged


And Man culled man

Profit dictates Destiny

And the Righteous despised

And sought shelter in

The shadows


When the Light is challenged

When Unrighteousness dictates

And the Righteous dwindles

And Hope seems lost


Arrogance and Greed command

Mother Earth mourns and puts up

Her defences

And Man culled man


And the Sands of the

Hour Glass run faster

And Hope fades

The Righteous seeks refuge in

The Shadows


And Man culled man

Water rationed globally

Profits dictate

Arrogance and Greed command


And Man culled man

The Sands of the

Hour Glass at an end

Mother Earth puts up

Her defences


The Cosmos prepare

Thrones of Judgment

And Man lost in the

Ocean of Blood

And the cullers became

The culled


When Hope is no more

And The Creator vacates

The hearts and minds of

The unrighteous

And Arrogance and Greed are filled

Intoxication and Destructions

Replaced Hope and Reason


And Man became

The fuel of their own furnaces

Ephemeral wealth

The Prize

Lay in a decomposing state


And the Tower of Profits crumbled



Great Floods washed away

Values and purpose of

The materialists

And they appealed to Science

And Science was helpless


The poor in their spiritual hunger

Devoured the flesh of the rich and

Their offspring


And Hope was no more

The Sands of the Hour Glass ran dry

Mother Earth’s defences complete

The Cosmos called Order


And the Hour Glass was no more

The Righteous returned from the Shadows

Carrying within

Preserved Hope

Light and  Divine Energy of

The Cosmos


And the Light shines

Within and without

Making clear

The Narrow Paths


And in whispers

The Ether asked

Who are the Righteous?

Where are the Righteous?


And a Sea replied with

Multi-tone voices

Here I am

I am the Righteous

Here we are

We are the Righteous


We are























And Minority replied

We are none of the above yet

We have not deliberately polluted

The Environment

We have not exploited

The innocents

We have not enslaved and committed

Genocide against Humanity

We have provided support and

Protection to members of

The Human Family

Without malice and selfish motives


We respect and revere

 Life and all living things

We have not cheated and stolen

The birthrights of others

We have worked and produced

Good and high standards of living


We shared the fruits of

Our labour with those in need

We behold the Cosmos

And recognise and show

Obeisance to the

Supreme Force  


We liberated our Minds

We exercise



We ARE Liberators of

Chained minds

We help the willing to realise

Higher Consciousness and Free Will


And The Ether replied in whispers to


Shout not

Your recorded deeds will be enough


And in the Infinite Arena of

The Divine Cosmos is

Recorder of Deeds

Waiting to be called

To lay bare the indelible history of






Newly born


Visible and invisible

Observed in processions and glow


The Universe Connects

The hand-made on trial

Called to account

Glowing flames from

Our breasts identify

Our unique marks

And grouped the tones of

Our responses


The Hour Glass is no more

Time frozen in submission to

The Supreme

Doubts in retreat

New reality incomprehensible


Falsehoods evaporated


The Architect

The Great Illuminator

Returned to Creation

Occupying Space and

Natural Dimensions


Immaculate Values taught and learnt

Confusion exorcised

Balance and Order returned

Chaos subjugated

Harmony governs


The Material of our Shelter


Peace Giver


And The Ether spoke loudly and said


Without Fear


And JUSTICE said

Recorder of Deeds

Speak the recorded deeds of

The Sea

Harmonise the  Divine Cosmos

Let your Words be heard near and far

Let the known and

The unknown hear

Your Echoes


Give Account


And Recorder of Deeds spoke

And Glowing Words

Lit the Cosmos

New Harmonies created

New reality born

New Direction forged


The Sea’s

Multi-tone voices



Still and

Observant of

Past deeds and



Ba ~Afrika

24 May 2007/6248

7 Sivan 5767

8 Vrishabha 5108

8 Vaisakha 5108

8 Xiaoman, Year 24: Ding-Hai (Pig), cycle 78

Istijlal (Thursday) the day of Kamal of the month of `Azamat of the year of Javab of Vahid 9 of Kull-i-Shay 1 (1 9 12 4 8)

8 Jyaishtha 2064

16 Genbot 1999

9 Vrishabha 1929

16 Bashans 1723

7 Jumadi 1424

3 Khordad 1386

10 Jeth 538


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