History and St.Ann’s Bay

Columbus and his crew stayed at Santa Gloria, now St. Ann’s Bay.

Christopher Columbus


The Spaniards lost
 Jamaica to the British

 The first Spanish colony was established in Jamaica in   St. Ann’s Bay during 1509.

  Peace of Madrid officially puts Jamaica under British rule in 1670.

The British Empire began to expand.

British Queen Mary II (1662-1694)

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Africans taken to Jamaica

  During 1513 the first batch of enslaved Africans arrived in Jamaica against their will. Many of whom were captured in West Africa. By 1520, Jamaica began to cultivate sugar cane.

The enslaved Africans were used to do that work.

Enslaved African children on slave ship

 Profits and Slavery

 SLAVERY was the most important institution in eighteenth-century Jamaica.

Black Africans provided the labour that made white Jamaicans wealthier than any people in British America.

Africans did not accept slavery

 Most captured Africans did not accept slavery.

 They fought plantation owners, beginning from 1678, and continued by the African Maroons and other Africans up to 1831.

 Slavery was officially abolished in Jamaica in 1838.

Jamaica gained independence in 1962.

‘The Birth of a Legend’


After a colourful history of Columbus’ ship wreck, colonisation, African forced transportation to the Caribbean, St. Ann’s Bay were to produce in 1887, an international African figure the modern world had never known.