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Consultative Paper No.001/2008/D1:





This is a consultative paper inviting colleagues’ views on the holding of multi-levels conferences, culminating into an International Conference on current issues affecting Humanity, to which one section   appears to be influencing the process disproportionally.


The inevitable areas of interest, at this stage, are those seen to be affecting Afrikans [Africans] and their partners/associates locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. It is Aadi’s policy to consult widely about proposals of the sort detailed in this paper.


The general theme of this proposal is: “OUR ROLE IN 21st CENTURY EUROPE.” [For those whose geographical area is in Europe; and  otherwise for those whose geographical areas are elsewhere, e.g., North America, Afrika, the Caribbean, South America – Brazil, etc.]


This proposal has essentially a non-governmental community development focus, where the collective voices of ordinary people are sought, on a non-party political, non-sexist, non-racist, non-ageist, non-tribal, non-religious, basis, and led essentially by Afrikans  and their partners/associates.


The proposal is being introduced to help to avoid being swallowed by single nationalistic issues,   our being shunted down spurious racial cul-de-sac routes, draining our energies, by psychological warfare forces, often unseen, sometimes even being unaware.


Projected Agenda:


Education and Training: Policy and Implementation

Social and Cultural Development: Health, Youth, Family, Religion, Entertainment and Sports

Industrial and Commercial – Innovation and Enterprise

Space Sciences – Explorations and Development

Politics – Multi Level Institutions

Sustainable Environment – Policy and Implementations

Geo Politics and International Relations: Policy and Implementations

Security, Human and Civil Rights

Information Technologies and Communications


Projected outcomes:


At the end of three years, there will have been a higher level of clarity and a sense of direction by the Afrikan collective and their partners, holding multi facet perspective, on local, regional,   national, international issues, affecting and likely to affect their lives relating to education and training, social and cultural development, industrial and commercial matters, space ventures, multi-level politics, the environment, geo-politics and international affairs, security, human and civil rights and the rapid growth of information technologies and communications. Views which dovetail and compliment, in respect of the ‘African Data’, Pan-Afrikan progressive perspectives, in association with their partners.


Events  Administration:


Everyday activities of this proposal are delegated to AaDI’s Communications Working Committee.

Core questions to  individuals and collective:


Do you think there is a need for such a meeting of minds to consider the above agenda, at this juncture of our history?


If so, what are your views on the above proposed agenda and any suggested amendments – addition and/or subtraction?


When should such   multi level community conferences/seminars be held, where and why?


Would you be prepared to participate in the event at:

Advisory organising committee and sub-committee levels?; 


Presentation   (preparing abstract and full paper on particular topics, prepared eventually for publication in a book format as appropriate)?; and


Part funding, or support to raise funding, for the events, at appropriate levels – local, regional, national and/or international.


End of consultation period:


This consultation period will end at midnight, on Monday 24 March 2008, the result of which will be collated and posted on Aadi website at: This consultant process is being supplemented by an internet discussion group, at


 Contact us:


We look forward to hearing from members of the community and multi-agency representatives of various disciplines, including faith and non-faith groups. Post you response at or E-mail us at:



Communications Working Committee

Afrikan and Diaspora Institute (AaDI)


23 January 2008.