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Text Box: Text Box: ‘A Black Monarch
Will Not
Make Much 
Of A Difference’



An Alternative View to Barack Obama’s euphoric Election on 4 November 2008 as 44th President of the USA

Barack Obama—USA 44th President Elect

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Text Box: Text Box: Barack Obama
 - Lessons We Can Learn From His Election
Text Box: By Valerie Dixon
Text Box: “I followed his campaign almost to the point of addiction and I was particularly impressed, when I read that Obama held a meeting with the conservative Democratic members... Obama acknowledged in a discussion that he’s got a very, very difficult task ahead of him in figuring out how to do all that he will need to do… Obama is about being “inclusive”. .. Barack Obama is not hung up on Slavery as he does not have one ancestor who was ever a slave.  His father was from Kenya, a country that was never involved in the Slave Trade and his mother was from Kansas, a State in the United States of America.  When your head is not cluttered with the clutter of Slavery, then your vision can be that much clearer. “  Read full Text here

Britain’s grassroots self-help groups enter another phase in their development by forming    ‘self-help partnerships’ for mutual support.

Launched in July 2008, a number of groups agreed to become Self-Help Partners, using ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ to regulate their administrative procedures and governance. London, England was the launch pad. The launch was the combination of two years working with groups and individuals, assessing the most durable and effective model likely to produce lasting and effective working structures to satisfy current needs in the community.

These ‘up-graded’ self-help initiatives are liken to those introduced by early immigrants, most of whom were people of African ancestral backgrounds, coming mostly from the Caribbean to support Britain in mending her war-torn economy, during the 1950s-1980s.

Some examples of  those successful initiatives are  community credit unions; Britain’s modern carnival movement, generated from Notting Hill in West London across the nation;  the British civil rights and anti-racist movement, culminating in several race, community relations and human rights laws placed on Britain’s Statute Book; the mobile disco [sound systems] movement; the supplementary school movement; voluntary and community based information and  hostel projects, for homeless children and young people. [Read full story here]


At the Grassroots’

Text Box: Dr. Vince Hines, developing self-help partnerships
Text Box: OBAMA: ‘Saint 
Text Box: “We would warn against unrealistic expectations from Barack Hussein Obama II Presidency.  President Obama will only be permitted to do what Corporate America approved. There is no evidence that Corporate America is yet ready for real change. On the face of it,   Corporate America did not elect Barack or paid for his election campaign…”
 “To Corporate America, the election of Barack Hussein Obama II might have been an aberration, which it might or might not have factored into its plan for the management and control of the ‘New World Order’, to which President George Herbert Walker Bush Sr. referred in his nationally televised speech held before a joint session of Congress, on September 11, 1990. It is an aberration which they will, and perhaps, already seeking to manage, control and remove in due time…”
“Barack Hussein Obama II, as President, is likely to be a ‘prisoner’ to Corporate America. He will be out of reach of his electorates. They won’t be able to help him. Because they do not have any real power, except for two-three minutes casting their votes, every four years, in the voting booths on Election Day…” 
[Read full opinion  here]
Text Box: Olivier Bancoult, OSK, Chairman of the Chagos Refugees Group 
Text Box: USA Military Base on Diego Garcia
Text Box: Chagos Islands’ Refugees Appeal for Help to Return Home
Text Box: Below are two recent letters from Mr Olivier Bancoult, OSK, Chairman of the Chagos Refugees Group, explaining the current situation and asking for continuing support for the Chagossians right of return to their homeland. 
Text Box: “Never Again?”
Text Box: “The Holocaust (from the Greek ὁλόκαυστον (holókauston): holos, "completely" and kaustos, "burnt"), also known as (Ha)-Shoah (Hebrew: השואה), Churben (Yiddish: חורבן) is the term generally used to describe the genocide of approximately six million European Jews during World War II, as part of a program of deliberate extermination planned and executed by the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazi) regime in Germany led by Adolf Hitler. 
Text Box: Congratulations, Mr. President!  
Text Box: ‘Walk Good’

Text  and video of the benediction by Rev. Joseph Lowery during President Barack Obama's inauguration.

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