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Supporting children and young People between the ages of 12-19 years, truants and potential truants, academic under achievers, those hardest to reach,  unemployed, at high risks of social exclusion and potential involvement in the criminal justice system.

Working in partnership to make a difference

The Vince Hines Foundation

Community Education and Training Services

The Vince Hines Foundation is a registered Charity and UK Learner Provider with a strong management committee.  The Charity’s traditional values during its operations in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham since 1975 are to maintain strong interest in consistent activities and better facilities for children and young people, as   intrinsic to the individuals, families and communities. 


The Foundation’s services are needs focused. This is partly because of the involvement of young people before, during and after service delivery.


The  Charity is emerging from a most challenging episode in its 33 year history of community work based in West London.


 The organisation is being brought up to its usual dynamic, innovative and high volume activities. The Foundation continues to move forward together with the assistance of those of vision and good will. 


During the past eighteen months, the management and trustees undertaken an extensive review to re-focus the Charity to face current and future potential challenges, resulted in  re-structuring.


The Foundation completed its assessment and planning stages and now entered into its new implementation phase for the next five years in order to bring back on line, its dynamic and innovative types of work for which the charity is famed, in working with the hardest to reach. 


 The Foundation’s local management committees  and volunteers are in close contact with members of the community, and identified needs, via formal research and words of mouth.  A summary of the most recent research can be read at .


Victims of Knife Crime


Several of our beneficiaries, some of whom were members of the Foundation’s youth Football Club, had fallen victims to fatal  knife crimes and became statistics among  the many children and young people killed during the past two years in London.


While this programme is  new, the Foundation has had significant experiences of managing successful children and young people learning and leisure activities for over thirty years, involving users as core stakeholders.



support  vulnerable children and young people, with their peers and within their families, schools and communities, with an emphasis on those who are hardest to reach and at risk of been involved in the criminal justice system, including black minority ethnic  and refugee groups and the disabled.


Invest in prevention as potential diversion from anti-social behavior and crime, particularly amongst the most deprived residents. Many of the children targeted will have had long standing or multiple problems to address involves children and young people in the assessment, planning, implementation and assessment process.


Target Groups


Those who are truants and potential truants,  excluded and at risk of exclusions and/or their  involvement in the criminal justice system;


Those who may be hardest to reach, not in formal education;


Some of whom are black, ethnic minority and refugees; and


Most from socially challenged family backgrounds with long standing issues of economic and social disadvantage.


Activities to achieve aims


Offer Education and Learning - regular and supplementary  - to children and young people, between the ages of 12-19 years, who are low academic achievers and in need of additional specialised support to gain achievable and higher standards in schools and colleges;


Provide support for anger management and diversion from potential anti-social activities;


Provide after school leisure and recreational activities for children and young people in need, linked to the project’s  education and learning facilities;


Involve children and young people in the assessment, planning, implementation and review of all project activities in which children and young people are targeted.


Monitoring and Evaluation


It is a firm and applied policy of the   Foundation that a cross section of children and young people is consulted about needs, on introduction of new ideas relating to service delivery.


Beneficiaries have their representatives on project management and Main Management   committees. Group discussions are held with a cross-section of target groups.


Why are we the right organisation to do this work and what links do we have with similar organisations doing similar work?


THE VINCE HINES FOUNDATION is suitable to manage this project because it qualifies, in respect of its accumulated expertise in the field since 1975,   support from members of local communities and the Charity’s willingness to work with other local agencies – statutory, voluntary and individuals to avoid case work duplications,   share information and make referrals in the interest of the target groups.  Partnership working is essential.

Young people input is crucial to the success of the work, including assessments of needs, planning, implementations and review.  Children and young people will have opportunities to engage in constructive voluntary and community engagement. Induction and personal development training will be offered to all concerned. 


Benefits to children and young people


Beneficiaries, vulnerable children and young people, with their peers and within their families, schools and communities, with an emphasis on those who are hardest to reach and at risk of being involved in the criminal justice system, including black minority ethnic  and refugee groups and the disabled, would have gained by having access to specialised culturally sensitive support;


Individual support in assessing personal needs and gain information and advice on viable alternatives, pointing a way forward;


 Gained information and active encouragements on issues relating to positive individual conduct, diversion from anti-social behaviours and interpersonal conflict resolutions, avoidance of school exclusions and truancy;


Support for high risk families relating to school and education issues;


Assistance with CV writings, positive job interview techniques and referrals; and


Achievements of individual goals.




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Community Education and Training Services

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Registered Charity No.269681.

UK Registered Education & Training Provider, Department for Innovation, Universities & Skills (DIUS) . Registration Number 10006844.  Established 1975. 

[Ref: August 2008/001/Ed&Lrn/web]    

“Projects to provide life coaching and mentoring for children and young people who are hardest to reach.” PROJECT DETAILS: LINK 

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