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Fearless Afrikan Democrats

Making british Social History

By Vince Hines

The Mangrove 9 Trial at the London Old Bailey’s Central Criminal Court was an historic event which signposted the beginning of a new Social History in Britain, spearheaded significantly by people of Afrikan heritage.

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Text Box: Haiti O Haiti, My Beloved Haiti. My People
And He Felt Hope
There was a little boy in Haiti
Stuck for ten days under a wall
After the earthquake
All the boy could see was
A beam of light
From the sky
And he felt hope.

No food no water no sound
Ears blocked with dust
But the boy could see
That  light and
He focused on it
And he felt hope

Laying there for ten days
Hungry and thirsty
The little boy wished for his
Mum and Dad
All he could see was
A beam of light from the sky
And he felt hope

On the tenth day
The boy opened his eyes and
Something was different
The beam of light was
Getting bigger
And wider
By the second
He stared at the light
And he felt hope

A gloved finger appeared
Then a hand
Then an arm
Reaching through
The beam of light
Then stopped
It could reach no further
Oh my goodness!!
A hand
The boy felt hope

He reached
And reached
Took the hand
And followed the beam of light
Not thinking about 
How dusty his face or
How torn his clothes
As he came to the surface

For ten days
He lived in hope
Now he was saved
The boy felt hope.

Malcolm Farrell

New Conservative Leader

Calls for

Compassion and Decency

“I want us to give this country a modern compassionate Conservatism that is right for our times and right for our country” this was the reported statement by 39 year old David Cameron MP, who was elected Britain’s new conservative leader on 6th December 2005.           

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David Cameron MP

8 of the Mangrove 9

Demonstrators standing firm

Focus On Afrika

Dr. Motsoko Pheko

“This Freedom Document adopted by the ANC in 1943 reads: “We demand the right to an equal share in all material resources of the country and urge; That the present 13% of the surface area to 8 million Africans as against 87% to 2 million Europeans is unjust…and therefore demand a fair redistribution of LAND.

“The liberation struggle of the African people in South Africa has consistently been one of equitable redistribution of land and its resources according to population numbers. But the ANC government opted to buy back African land on the willing seller, willing buyer principle. This has not worked in spite of billions of Rand spent on this exercise. The ANC government has now run out of money to buy land. The Minister of Land Reform and Rural Development, Gugile Kwinti has admitted that he needs R72 billion to buy some land.”   Dr. Motsoko Pheko  Click to read full text

“How will I feel, as a looter, sitting in my mansion, looking at the hungrylooking, malnourished, skeletallooking citizens of my country, being shown on TV for the world to see, when I know quite well that I have their billions of money buried in some foreign bank? Where is my conscience? Where is my sense of consideration for others – my own people? What brand of “pure water” am I drinking that will make me lose my own soul, and forget my own people ONLY to feed those who consider me less human and inferior in the human race? Fellow Nigerians, may God forbid bad thing! Now, is there a solution to the current tragedies in Nigeria? Where is the way out?” Bedford Nwabuze Click to read full text


South Afrika and Dangerous Cracks 

As Afrikan Resurrection continues to unfold daily, Afrikans everywhere must not forget the contributions Ancestors made to making current 21st Century resurrection process possible. Zumbi is one of those Ancestors.


An Afrikan, ‘known only as Zumbi, born free in Palmares in 1655, but was captured by the Portuguese and given to a missionary, Father António Melo, when he was approximately 6 years old. Baptized Francisco, Zumbi was taught the sacraments, learned Portuguese and Latin, and helped with daily mass. Despite attempts to pacify him, Zumbi escaped in 1670 and, at the age of 15, returned to his birthplace. Zumbi became known for his physical prowess and cunning in battle and was a respected military strategist by the time he was in his early twenties.’More on this Afrikan Jewel can be read at - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zumbi.


In remembrance of ZUMBI, Ba Afrika offers ‘RISE Jewels of the Cosmos’.  Ba also dedicated the words  to others who commit to making positive changes.


Editorial Collective

Self-Help News ‘Giving Voice to the Voiceless’

E-mail: selfhelpnews@ubol.com

Zumbi 1655-1695

Text Box: RISE Jewels of the Cosmos  

Wake up 
Afrikan Dawn 

Super Melaninated 
Representations of 
Divine Light  
Sense the
Clarion Call  
 “It is important that the Lights of 
The World are United”

Learn quickly 
Tolerate your 
Strengths and 
Step along 
The Path of 
Afrikan Unity and

Building Afrikan  
Essential prerequisites 
To prevail against those 
Who would put in motion their 
Master Plan for the 
Destruction of Afrikan People

A Master Plan 
Crumbling from within
Pulling planners into an
Abyss of their own design
Fault Line
Too late for Correction

Beware Afrikans 
Afrikan Freedom is 
Not Free
Construct and
Large Reserves of
Sacrifices until
Afrikans retrieved 
Afrikan Baton from

The Language of 
Truth is consistent 
Containing no

May the Great Divine Source
Embrace you
May you vision The Great Glory of
May your total being gyrate with 
The Divine Energy within you  

Ba Afrika
More of what had been said can be read at Ba Afrika

Text Box: RISE: Jewels of the Cosmos

The Moral of the story

Sometimes life puts obstacles in your way

And you can feel blocked in by them

Don’t let your mind build more obstacles than what are there

Keep your eyes on the skies

Stay focused on your prize

Take my hand

And let there be hope… for us!

Malcolm Farrell

Text Box: British Woman
To be put to
Death by

British Social History Series

The U.S. Supreme Court recently declined to review the death sentence of Linda Carty, convicted of murder in Texas, clearing the way for the first execution of a British woman in 55 years. On what grounds did Carty appeal?

The crime: Carty was arrested in 2001 and later sentenced to death by lethal injection for her part in the kidnapping and murder of 25-year-old Joana Rodriguez. Three men had broken into Rodriguez's apartment and assaulted the woman's partner, Raymundo Cabrera. Rodriguez and her three-day-old baby, Ray, were then abducted. Here's why prosecutors think Carty did it. Baby Ray survived.

Evidence against Carty came from three career criminals who admitted their own involvement. What happened to the other suspects? Here's what Carty had to say about being sentenced to die. No date has been set for Carty's execution.

Linda Carty

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