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“It’s simple; but it’s ours” - African proverb

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Text Box: Text Box: By Valerie Dixon

London Schools & the Black Child

“We need to mobilise our young people to put themselves forward as members of students councils and youth parliaments where their voices can be heard.”


“There is a clear connection between exclusion, delinquency, detention, crime, imprisonment and un-employability - that is why supporters of the planned Conference are seeking the abolition of a wasteful, destructive and discriminatory system.”

“Discrimination persists in that Black pupils are three times more likely to be excluded than others, children in care eight times and special educational needs statemented pupils three to four times. A Black child in care with a statement of special educational needs is between 72 and 96 times more likely to be excluded than others! Is this not blatantly discriminatory?” [Read full story here]

Text Box: ‘The Growth of Islam and ‘Radical Islam’s Assaults on Human Life’
Self-Help News – ‘Giving Voice to the Voiceless’, provides two editorials, which contribute to the debates, touching on global issues, relating to world religions, including elements of Afrikan cosmogony, languages, Afrikan history,  struggles, war of liberation, anti-colonialism and anti-imperialism, the right of choice, self-help, reparations for Semitic-Caucasian  historical and perpetual heinous injustices perpetrated against 1st and 2nd millennium indigenous peoples of and from the Afrikan Continent, via the Maafa (also known as the African Holocaust or Holocaust of Enslavement)
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Text Box: “Taking Cover LIKE A WartHog ”
Text Box: Jamaica, crime and community desperation in focus
Text Box: “as soon as we ‘kill off’ the criminals then everything will be just fine in Jamaica.”  
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Text Box: Venezuelan President, H.E. Dr. Hugo Chavez 
Text Box: “Human liberation – body, mind, spirit and soul, does not come easily and is not free. ..This is not the time, therefore, to complain about mosquito bites – however large and regular they are. Now is the time to remain fearless and prepare to make whatever sacrifices necessary to ensure proper Global Balance.”
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Text Box: President Hugo Chavez
 And Mosquito Bites

Children and Depression

Depression of a Child.

“Not sure if she will make it

to the end” -

A Poem

 by Ezinne Ukala

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“All faith is FALSE, all faith is TRUE.

TRUTH is the shattered mirrors strewn In myriad bits; while each BELIEVES

His LITTLE BIT the whole to own.”


From “The Kasidah of Hji Abu el-Yezdi”, as translated by Sir Richard F. Burton