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Autumn Rays [Senior Citizens Education Programme]


 The course aims to provide information advice and Guidance on matters of entitlements. Benefits to which the individual is entitled during retirement. Some of the topics that will be covered include, benefits, pension,  sheltered housing for senior citizens of choice, independent living, health issues, healthy eating, regular checks, exercises, making a will, funerals arrangements of choice, avoiding loneliness in old age, and so on

Target groups

To provide a service to the over 55 year olds, who may be approaching pensionable age, and seeking information to prepare for a new state of life.

Number benefiting



Based initially at the Priory Community Centre, but easily duplicated and operated at any suitable local venue


Sept. 2014/15.

How long & What time

2.5 hours per session,  over  a 4 week period. Roll on programme


Participants would have been aware of their statutory rights, become empowered in their forward planning, use the workshop to make new friends, if they so wish. They would have been referred to any specialist agency as required, based on needs.

Levels of Qualification, if any

Certificate of Attendance, where appropriate


Being negotiated with buyer/ partner

Comments—formal/informal learning. Student/Lecture led, etc.

Formal and informal. Course work, assessments, performing workshops and lectures

Additional information

1. Flexible time tables – during the days, evenings and weekends, where appropriate

2. Most of the target groups may not individually afford tuition fees. They may have to be funded by the LA and or other funders.

3. Life skills training will be offered to those who are shown to be in need

4. All workshops and courses are facilitated by individuals suitably qualified and experienced in their relevant fields.

5. Amount referred to target figures during 12 months period