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        Community Education and Training Services

UK Registered Charity No.: 269681. Established 1975.

UK Registered Learner Provider. No.:10006844

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‘Responding to the challenges’

Text Box: We support Self-Help, Community Development and Sustainable Environment
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Learning CentreYoung people at the Vince Hines Foundation
Learning CentreThe Vince Hines Foundation
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Text Box:  Self-Help and the Disadvantaged: “It is the duty of the strong of an enlightened community to help create the conditions so that the less able among us can learn to help themselves. Self-help contributes to the collective strength of our communities.” - Dr. Vince Hines

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Text Box: What if
Marcus Garvey should
Get out of his 
In the morning
Would the wicked people run now
Would they be running

Garvey would cry
To see people dying
Not from slavery that was
But, still they die daily
By a weapon that can be

People use knife
not to eat cheese, bread and
To kill their brothers and sisters for

Mr. Garvey
I know you won't let the wicked 
And let your precious people go in 
Or let their rich blood wash to the

So please hear our cry oh MARCUS!!!!!
Delano Evans
March 2009

Delano Evans

Voices of Young Grassroots

Ezinne Ukala

Text Box:  Every day is filled with sorrow,
It will be the same tomorrow,
A girl without a friend,
Is not sure she will make it to the end,
Tortured by mental toil,
She is feeling like her head is in the soil,
She is always sad,
And easily gets mad,
Everyone puts her down,
And she always wears a frown,
She is seldom to smile,
Not even for a while,
And going on in her head,
Are thoughts of being dead,
These thoughts are suicidal,
Because accused of being idle,
She is always locked up in her room,
Thinking thoughts of peril and doom,
She thinks about stealing loot,
And looking for someone to shoot,
Pushing away her parents protection,
Wondering around without direction,
All she needs is love,
Not a push and a shove,
Her parents finally realize,
By seeing the hatred in her eyes,
They finally show her love,
And now she is as pure as a dove.
Ezinne Ukala
Text Box: Depression of a Child  

Marcus’ Cry Eyes

Annual briefings  are produced yearly, which give up-to-date summaries of the Vince Hines Foundation and Associates’ current work.  Transparency and partnerships are key policies of the Foundation. 

Annual Briefing 2012/13. Download

Text Box: The Vince Hines Foundation  Annual Briefing 2012/13

In association with Self-Help Partnerships

“Working in partnership to make a difference”

Adult Learning and skills Programme


Community education programmes which should provide significant benefits for the  target groups. Subjects include the performing arts; oral history—’bridging generation gap’; volunteering; job brokerage; mental health; life skills and seniors preparing for retirement.

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“Triumph of The Grassroots is a multi-media documentary, showcasing 40 Years of Contributing to British Social History 1972-2012 by immigrants from the Caribbean, North America and Afrika, including their British born offspring” VIEW ONLINE OR DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION/HISTORICAL PHOTO EXHIBITION HERE. 

Grassroots Arts Concert

July 2014.  Watch this space.

The Vince Hines Foundation

Community Education and Training Services.

Registered Charity No. 269681. Approved Training Organisation. UK Registered Learner Provider No. 10006844.

In Association with


Present a series  of lectures and discussions for 2014-15

British Social History Series : A focus on First  generation Afrikan and Caribbean people and their descendants’ contributions to Britain’s wealth and nation building in the UK.

Themes: ‘evaluate, celebrate and move forward’. Lectures delivered by prominent individual achievers and senior representatives of grassroots and other organisations. In PART ONE, speakers will chart the foundation, development and leadership by Britain’s people of Afrikan heritage, and their historical and unassailable contributions to British Nation building. In PART TWO, a call for “creating a New Social History for the 21st Century and beyond; continuing to building together”, with a pointer to the way forward. All lectures will be recorded for future broadcasts.  Members of the audience will be able to participate in question and answer sessions, following each talk. Entrance to Venue is by pre-booking only. QCF credits will be awarded to attendees. This series of lectures, one of several projects planned for 2014/15, will focus on the history and aspirations of people of Afrikan heritage, their historical achievements in Britain, since 1596 to present day, collective sovereignty, productivity,  creativity, community wealth building, growth and prosperity, guided by SWEP principles, which are “to Share, Warn, Encourage and Protect, in times of plenty and times of scarcity, rejecting mendacity, larceny and slothfulness”

Target audience: people of various ages and social back grounds, teachers, lecturers, students, youth and community workers, mentors, social workers, personal advisors, trade unionists, and others, who have in their charge children and young people, who need grounding in the history of their families to Britain from the Caribbean, South America and Afrika.

 These including those of bi-racial backgrounds and others, whose clearer understanding of the contributions  and achievements, by people of Afrikan heritage in Britain, during the past seventy years and more, which would provide better personal mental focus, self-esteem,  belonging, sense of pride and motivations.

 The lectures are also targeting policy makers at various levels, who should find the history and aspirations of  a particular section of British Society useful in planning for a multi-cultural society now and in the future.

 National credit transfer: The organisers’ intention is to work with the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF)   to award students and other attendees credits for their academic portfolios.  

 Partnership working is part of the organisers’ essential service delivery strategy.

For more details, contact— communitysupport@ubol.com

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