Case study: A-D



Case Study A:


A, a 16-year old Black youth, lived in the Sands End Area, had been pulled up by the Police many times for riding without proper document. He appeared in court and got penalty points. He used to go to the Pupil Referral Unit (PRU), for those excluded from mainstreamed education. Now he is not in education or training. He is not signed on with any agency and spent a significant time at nights with his friends in the local park and occasionally rides moped in groups with his friends when he is not in the park.


His court appearance and the threat of the criminal justice system did not deter him†† from riding illegally.


The Foundation intervened and suggested an alternative, 'get your provisional license and enrol with Elite' Motor Cycle Training School,, with a promise that, if successful, the Foundation would partly assist him with third party insurance.


Today, A rides safely and confidently. He is able to produce his papers, when he is asked to do so by the police. A now has a provisional License, CBT Certificate and Third Party Insurance for his moped, including MOT. An important diversion from anti-social activities, which could spiral into bigger things in future.

A rides to the Foundationís Connexions Centre, seeking help in finding a part-time job where his new skills can be useful.


Case Study: B


B is a mixed race male of 17 years, who is currently attending the local college.


He has an interest in working with young people and he sought work experience in this regards.


The Foundation was able to provide him with volunteering opportunities during the half-term breaks.


His trainee duties involved going on day trips with senior staff members, helped in the centre working with the young beneficiaries doing things like computer wide screen games, film projection and supervising refreshments to beneficiaries.


He is shown how to issue and collect beneficiaries Assessment Forms and ensuring that all participants are properly booked in. He is encouraged to write reports of his activities, for discussion in Team meetings where reports would be presented. A link is being arranged with the Millennium volunteers to provide any further assistance and validation, which B might need.


Group Discussions are essential to the Foundationís positive activities. Some discussions include Ďhealthy living, Music and Young People, Carers Planning, Setting Meeting Agenda, Chairing meetings, group dynamics, the important for participants to respect the other point of viewí†


Case Study C


C is a seventeen-year-old British White female, who is unemployed, and not in education or training.

C has recently moved into her new flat on a local housing estate. She has no commitments at present that would prevent her from being in full time training or employment.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


Her only worries are that she may not be able to afford paying the full rent, as she has no source of income other than that from the benefit agency. She does not have any G.C.S.E which she feels limits her as to what area of employment she can go into. However, she believes her strengths lie in the Admin and Receptionist field.††


The Foundationís Connexions Personal Adviser (PA) found C a course at the Latimer LSC

programme.† This benefited C in three ways:


(a) Gaining admin and office skills course at N.V.Q Level 1 and 2;†

(b) Gaining at least four G.C.S.E alternatives training for employment in†† the required area of her choice; and

†(c) Gaining financial support Weekly.


Case Study D


D is an eighteen-year-old Black African Male. Self-referred.


†D has been Job searching independently for a period of two months. He was previously working at a cinema where he felt he was not being mentally challenged enough.


†The Foundationís Connexions PA†† supported D in preparing a C.V.† Photo copying and telephone facilities were made available to D in his job search.


†Applications were made on Dís behalf to potential employers.† He received a response from, William Hill, a leading company of betting shops. An interview was arranged.

†Prior to his interview, D was unsure if he would pass the maths test, which he was required to take and pass before employment. D was assisted at the Foundation with mock math test before he attended the interview. That boosted Dís confidence.


†D performed well at the interview, passed his math test and gained full time employment with William Hill.†
















†††††††††† Community Education and Training Services

UK Registered Charity No.: 269681. Est. 1975.

UK Registered Learning Provider. Department for Education and Skills Registration No.:10006844


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