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A petition to the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham Council was signed by  a large number of residents in support of their community organisation.



The petition is in aid of the Vince Hines Foundation, a nationally registered  education charity, which was founded by local residents and operated in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham since 1975.


The idea of the petition was voiced by a group of 15-16 year olds, who   benefited from the Charity’s service over the past twelve months. The young people were concerned about the threat of closure to the charity   because of funding needs. The Charity provides a monthly average of 231case activities.


 As a result, a group of children and young people have taken on the task of approaching residents, explaining their concerns and asking for support.  The young people set a target of two thousand signatures from Hammersmith and Fulham residents only.


The young people collected over  one thousand  five hundred signatures from across the borough, including White City, Sheppard’s Bush, Hammersmith, West Kensington, Fulham and Sands End. Many of the petitioners are children and young people, their parents and careers, who benefited from the work of the Charity. Others are those who know of the extensive and intensive work of the organisation in the local community.


The text of the petition


“This  is a petition  from residents in support of   the Vince Hines Foundation, our local and long established  voluntary and community organisation. The Foundation, charity registration number 269681, has helped, and continues to help, many residents of all ages and races during its thirty years operating in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. The Organisation is threatened with closure and needs urgent and immediate financial support. 


“We are petitioning the Mayor to use your influence to ensure that the Vince Hines Foundation gets the support it needs from the Hammersmith and Fulham Council and others, including Connexions, North Fulham NDC, the Children Fund, and Positive Activities for Young People (PAYP) Fund. The services the Foundation provides are well used and appreciated by local residents. The local area cannot afford to lose the organisation, especially the services it offers to children and young people, who do not use other agencies and who may be hardest to reach and at risk of being socially excluded” 



Community support is encouraging


A spokesperson for the Charity said: “Residents’ strong support for the work of the Foundation is encouraging to the trustees, staff, volunteers and users alike. It is good that so many members of the community recognised existing needs and the effort of the Foundation in addressing some of those needs. To be fully successful, we need our elected Council representatives on board as well.”


Users’ response


Kim, 15, lives in the North Fulham New Deal for Communities target area. When asked why she supported the petition, said, “the Foundation helped me out. Keep me off the streets. I go on lots of trips, go-karting, theme parks, and residential adventure activities in Devon. Me and my friends use the Foundation’s computers for home work assignments and checked our e-mails.”


Tom, 16, White City resident, said “the Foundation helped me and many of my friends with moped CBT courses and insurance. We can get jobs with this. If we have any problem, we prefer to go and talk to someone at the Foundation, and they will understand. It’s like a big family really.  Staffs are friendly and helpful, and they always asked us what sort of activities we want. We help to plan things.”


The Petition was delivered  on Tuesday 21st June 2005,to Councillor Steven Burke, the newly elected Labour Leader  of the Council , by one of the petitioner’s  representatives, Benjamin Dee-Swaray,  at the Town Hall, King Street, in West London.




Background Information:


The Vince Hines Foundation was established in 1975 in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, and registered as a national education charity. A voluntary committee manages the Foundation. Volunteers are used extensively. The operational direction of the Charity is based on the following broad headings – organisation development, family support, youth development, community learning, Sports and leisure, support for the over 50’s, community development. Advocacy, Networking and Partnership are important themes of the Foundation’s work. A strategic delivery plan was adopted by the Foundation’s Management, in April 2003, as a point of reference in the Management course of developing and delivering the Foundation’s registered objectives for 2003-2008. The Foundation can be contacted directly. Website:



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