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“Youth & the Survival Game in Britain (YSGB)”

We will be introducing shortly, an Online Column, which focuses on the extent to which many young people believe that they have to go to ‘survive’ in modern Britain. There will be a cross section of young people featured, including those who are socially excluded, normally hardest to reach and need sincere and meaningful persuasions to become a ‘stakeholder’ in modern Britain. The column will be published under the general theme of “Youth & the Survival Game in Britain (YSGB)”.    

The column will feature topics such as:

· Home and Families, including fostering and those in care

· School, college and university

· Training and jobs

· Recreational drugs uses

· The Criminal Justice System

· Civic and party political matters – Young people response to local and central government policies

· Voluntary and community organisations – volunteering

· The Environment

· Leisure, Entertainment and Sports

· Relationships

· Young people and the Sex Industry

· Young refugees and the challenges they face

· Health issues

· Culture

· Religion

· Travel, holiday and adventure

· The Media – press, radio, TV, cinema, video

· Homeless    

· Unemployment

· Business development

· Managing personal finances

· And more...

The column will be written by and for young people and published on the internet daily.


Those wishing to contribute articles for on-line publication should contact:

Self-Help News

E-mail: self-helpnews@ubol.com                         Posted 08.02.06. 00.10 GMT

“Youth and Gun Crime”

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