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Our initial focus is to provide media services,  to the  People of ‘Kush’, particularly those based in the South of Sudan and surrounding areas, where an important, historic and significant Comprehensive Peace Agreement  (CPA) was signed in Kenya, on 9th January 2005, which halted twenty one years of war, between the parties

Now is time to build and benefit from the dividends of  peace.

Kush aims to inform, educate  and entertain. It will  maintain editorial integrity and seek to give voice to those elements of a striving community, who need to have their voices heard, civic aspirations realised and social, economic and cultural activities supported, in the interest of natural justice, during the process of fulfilling  productive nation building.

Kush will also seek to build partnerships with a variety of individuals and groups, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. 

Kush will  link  Africa and her Diaspora.  Essential components necessary to galvanise currently vast reserves of practical ideas and professional support, in the interest of community development ,of Africa  and Africans, at home and abroad. This link is specially important, as Africa and Africans journey  on the road of construction  and re-construction, after years of apparent  economic, social and political marginalisation. 
Kush will always  promote strongly self-help and self-dependency. We will encourage equality of opportunities and campaign against discriminations on the basis of religion, ethnicity, colour, tribe, gender, culture, nationality, personal and individual orientations.

Kush recognises that a Community is unlikely to achieve balance, harmony and peace, where the fundamental principles of truth and reciprocity are missing or stifled during the process of nation building, and where prejudices and discriminations are given prominence in the management of life sustaining  systems and individual associations.  A free and balanced media, therefore, go a long way to maintaining a civilised, peaceful and informed  multi-cultural society for all concerned.

Kush looks forward to being of useful service.

E-mail: inforequest@kushmedia.net


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During 2006.

Kush will be publishing a special tribute to the late Dr. John Garang, a 21st Century African Liberator

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