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Text Box: London, England. 03 December 2005 23:07. 

I am responding to Ba Afrika’s commentary— “The rules of the democratic game are changing”.

Nice article, a refreshing insight, however I do have one point I wish you would have made. You see I am a black man of African heritage, an original, the first and therefore the last guardian of civilisation. 

You mentioned the word democracy in a western European sense which is interesting as you also mention it in reference to the first democracy the (African) village.  History has taught us that all great empires fall not because they were weak but because they are not democratic, indeed it is the very nature of building empires that inspires the majority to rise up and demand their rights. 

We are all aware whether we wish to admit it or not that the earth on which we stand has more than enough resources to sustain and maintain all of the people’s and the planet. It is not democracy that is changing as democracy has always been here and always will, what is changing is the will of the people to demonstrate and voice there right to live in a democratic global village, you are right to say that the will of the people cannot be suppressed, not by capitalism, not by imperialism or by the gun, it can only be halted by ignorance. 

The same imperialist nature that is driving capitalism is also awakening the consciousness of all people of the world to the true nature of democracy and the need to live in harmony with each other and the planet and to overthrow the notion that the acquisition of wealth is the only purpose of mankind.
From:The one and only indefatigable Blackman
[Editor’s note: Name and E-mail supplied.]

Text Box: Text Box: NO SHOOT TO KILL' - statement:
The United Families & Friends Campaign, supported by the 1990 Trust, CAMPACC and other groups, has begun a campaign to build a movement against the shoot to kill policy. A statement has been drawn up and we urge you all to sign it.  If you want a copy of the statement emailed to you send an email to with the words 'nstk statement' In the subject heading. Please spread the word and support this important initiative. 

'LICENCE TO KILL' - new film:
Migrant Media, the producers of 'Injustice' are making a new documentary film looking at state killings and the struggles for justice of families impacted, filming is now well under way. Many thanks to all those who got in touch and who have begun to work with us following our last bulletin.  A production meeting will also be held in mid December. If you want to get involved in the making of this film contact the director at 

Sweet France' - old film (and still relevant):
Winner Mentione Speciale Festival Images du Monde Arabe
Winner MilanoProvince Prize 5th Festival of African Cinema
'Sweet France' Migrant Media & Agence Im'Media's powerful 1992 documentary film charting the struggles of the Arab and African youths and communities in France will have a special screening in response to the uprising that has surfaced. There is a strong history of resistance to racist and state oppression in France and 'Sweet France' tells this story. Thurs 15 December at 6.30 'Sweet France' will be showing with La Haine at Offstage Theatre & Film Bookshop, 37 Chalk Farm Road, NW1. Details: 07788104609

To read more about 'Sweet France' and other Migrant Media productions log  onto
[posted 13.12.05]

Posted 24.12.05 at 0600 GMT

Latter Day Horsemen of Destructions

Africa and Africans do not need charity from the well-intentioned. Africa needs to benefit from her vast natural resources, like  people of other nations benefit from theirs. Africa and Africans are willing to engage in fair trade and free competitions in local, regional, national and international markets. Natural Justice demands this room to develop self-help and effective community development.  Africa   and Africans   must not be inhibited by others in the proper process of nation building.

Non-indigenous non-governmental organisations (NGOs), operating in Africa   and the so called ‘Developing World’ must work themselves out of existence. While they remain strong, Africa , the Africans,  and others in similar circumstances worldwide, will remain weak, without the opportunity to gain their individual experiences in the natural process of nation building, known to humanity historically.

 To paraphrase a well-used saying, ‘give a man a fish and he will come back for another. Teach him how to fish, he will not only feed himself and family, he may well have extras to offer others as they too learn how to fish’.

 Africa  has become of age. Africans know how to fish. Today, Africans cannot fish as they must, because their path is being barred by those who are saying that ‘we want to help and are helping’. Help given in the way that they think Africa   and the Developing World should be helped.

Africa will not progress while the strength of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), World Bank (WB)  and International Monetary (IMF) continues to have substantive influences on Africa   and others who are struggling to develop, in the Developing World.

 These three powerful organisations are likening to latter day ‘Horsemen of the apocalypse’. Their combined policies are not conducive to the development of Africa and the nations of the Developing World, as today’s evidence seems to be showing. The  ‘Horsemen’  policies are generating pain for Humanity. It is difficult to reverse this trend at this time, without major surgical changes in current thinking, relating to the distributions of Earth’s scarce resources, and the real understanding and affects of individualism, nationalism and democracy.

It is arguable that IMF, WB, and WTO,   current polices are contributing to war and social unrests in the World, partly because the developed world, like the majority permanent members of the United Nations (UN) Security Council, are having disproportionate influences on policy formations and implementations in the Developing World. 

The populations of developing nations are largely Black, Red, Brown, Yellow, in terms of  skin pigmentations. They are also the current  majority ‘poor’ of the World, stricken by powerful health pandemic. Except for China and India, they are least likely to defend themselves from external aggressions and protracted internal destabilisations of vital institutions necessary to sustained social, economic, political and cultural stability and growth. 

Citizens are turned against each other, civil unrests are encouraged, arms are supplied to all sides,  of artificially created armed conflicts. The processes of destabilisations are usually bloody and apocalyptic. Vast numbers of refugees are generated.  Trained professionals are killed or joined long lines of ‘brain drained’ to developed nations, leaving behind depleted developing nations. Nations which cannot afford to have their own trained professionals migrate to other countries.
Best wishes.

Humming Bird, UK
24 December 2005
Text Box: “Freedom of speech—one of the pillars of a liberal democratic system” - Self-help News
Text Box:

AFRICAN INTELLECTUALS - ideological agents of the west !!!


“And the fourth predicament of the continent is that its mainstream academia and theoreticians are conscious or unconscious ideological agents of the Empire. With the demise of the Soviet Union and the virtual collapse of the socialist alternative, the African intellectual workers have only one place to go to get their professional degrees and academic legitimacy – the universities of the Universal Empire, or local ones linked to them.

“To gain legitimacy, and professional recognition and career development, they have to place their intellectual works in journals and publications authenticated by the “assessors” (called “peer reviewers”) of the Imperial academia who act, often unwittingly than wittingly, as ideological gateposts of the Empire. Some of these intellectuals are then directly recruited in the institutions of global governance (principally, the World Bank, the IMF and the WTO), and others return home and try to make a living as best as they can, including periodic “consultancies” with the same institutions of global governance, as a means of supplementing their meager official salaries.

“It is no wonder that African universities are dying! "

Full article:

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