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Works published here are based on the current series of FREE SPEECH, which provides an opportunity to  writers  of visions and creativities. Views which , though valid, may not necessarily be the same as those held by the majority.


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“Who is afraid of lasting peace in the middle east and A greater palistine?”
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‘The Importance of Metaphors in Constructing
A World View Project’

They Are Running a University Near You. The reason these societies fight so earnestly to control the political makeup of their universities is simple, the pursuit of ever more power... They control student organizations' budgets and place students on the student judicial board. They write legislation that affects the student body and hold representatives in every college or school on their university's campus. They allocate funds for student festivities and events and safeguard the interests of groups like fraternities and sororities, of which many secret society members also hold membership. More... Link Opinion

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A Symbol Cannot Be Killed  
Text Box: The press conference by which the imperator expressed his cruel congratulations to the hanging of Saddam Hussein leaves no doubt about the real author of this political homicide. Saddam was in American hands. It was them to arrest him and keep him in custody. Only after being sure that he will be executed they consigned him to their lackeys.

But by killing a man they could not kill a symbol. A symbol of irreducible and uncompromising hostility to imperial arrogance of American neo-colonialism. The emblem Saddam is even more dangerous as he was not only a rebel but a head of a state which demonstrated until the end that he is not ready to bog down before the occupiers. Far away from half-heartedly trying to bargain for his personal survival he never gave in to the hypocrite arguments of the invaders.

They turned Saddam into a martyr of the Iraqi liberation struggle. He will serve as a example for all anti-imperialist fighters for his tenacity and steadfastness.

They hoped to exemplarily punish those who do not lick their boots. They wanted to demonstrate the world that there is no remote corner which escapes their vengeance. What they actually achieved it to increase the hate of the peoples against them.

The world has understood the message. The wretched will know to redeem getting rid of the civilisation of death of which the US has become the most bloody paladin.

Anti-imperialist Camp
30 December 2006

The Late President

 Saddam Hussein

Opinions and Views

Death of

A President

Anti-imperialist Campwww.antiimperialista.org. camp@antiimperialista.org

The Plantation Afrikans Who did not appreciate Freedom

“Consider for a moment, imagine this actual scenario back in the day when supposedly chattel enslavement was abolished by the Europeans & their partners in their Crimes against Hue-manity. The slavers proclaimed the message, and informed the enslaved, many in turn, turned and said to 'massa'- “we  is free, how can we be free, 'massa' ? Where can we go, 'massa' ? 'Massa', we will work for you for free as we don’t know where else to go”.  You get my drift ?  This mentality is no different in so called 2007. In fact, it is getting worse, as more Afrikans kill, maim and injured themselves in London and throughout the Afrikan world communities.” Ras Messenger.    Read full story

Conscious Rata




 Of the

‘Democratic’ Game

Are Changing”

Ba Afrika takes a look at current moral imperatives in Britain,  the shifting sands of geo-politics, a call for balance and reciprocity and a reminder of the fate of past ‘super powers’ and their ephemeral ends.

Anti-imperialist Camp [camp@antiimperialista.org]

“We congratulate Hamas to its victory!”

“Palestinian people refuse collaboration with Zionist occupation. The great electoral victory of Hamas is first of all a clear message by the Palestinian people to the world: we will never give up our resistance against the occupation! The anti-imperialists of the world salute this steadfastness in a struggle David against Goliath. It will without doubt strengthen the global struggle against the threat of the US empire and its permanent war




“Is Sceince Love ?.”


[More of Ba Afrika’s Work here]

John Doe

AFRICAN INTELLECTUALS - ideological agents of the west !!!  [Continue]


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“All faith is FALSE, all faith is TRUE.

TRUTH is the shattered mirrors strewn In myriad bits; while each BELIEVES

His LITTLE BIT the whole to own.”


From “The Kasidah of Hji Abu el-Yezdi”, as translated by Sir Richard F. Burton


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