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 This Website intends to give ‘voice to the voiceless’ and provide up-to-date information about the work of the Foundation, including special appeals, reports, research papers, pilot projects, critical and constructive analysis  of community development policies and practices. It is hoped that the site will also be helpful in strengthening self-help and partnerships in our local communities.



Local Strategic Partnerships (LSP) applied policies must be proactive and needs led, culturally sensitive and inclusive. Black African and Caribbean young people, including those of shared heritage, the majority of whom were born in Britain, continued to be excluded from schools and ‘sucked into’ the Criminal Justice System, at a higher proportion than other young people in Britain. Is this not a crisis? Who is responsible ? Is there an effective collective will for applied solutions? A strong call for ‘Law and Order’ must also accompanied by an equally strong call for ‘Social Equity’. One without the other is unlikely to bear ‘civilised fruits’.


“The Black led-community and voluntary sector must be trusted and given equal share of available resources based on proportional needs.  There is no evidence to demonstrate that ‘equal sharing’ of resources has taken place in the past or is taking place at present. ‘Invisible hands’ are constructing unnecessary barriers – real or imagined, which are causing artificial social and economic handicaps to members of the Black Community and their self-help and dynamic social and economic initiatives.



“It is unfortunate that after thirty years of parliamentary legislations against racism and unequal opportunities, members of the black community and their institutions are still being marginalized and covertly excluded by our ‘shepherds’ of fair play. Is it not time for substantive social changes?


“Partnership” with little demonstration of vision and value, leadership, proper and mutually fruitful collaborative working relationships, is meaningless to those who are consistently at the sharp end of social exclusions”.


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