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Services to Beneficiaries

Provide professional support, including a mixture of one-to-one and group meetings, relating to education, training, employment and housing, with an emphasis in part on 13-19 year olds;

Provide information, advice and training courses to parents/guardians of children and young people who are excluded or at risk of being excluded from formal education;

Provide support to young people, who have gained qualifications in further and higher education, but have so far been unable to win employment;

Provide training for volunteers, new committee members and young people, who need in-house training to perform projects’ tasks;

Remedial support is given, on a one-to-one basis, to those users who may need help with filling in forms, reading, writing, etc., after school support to children, like homework club;

Create opportunities for young people to develop their confidence and self-esteem, enhance skills and achieve personal targets within a culturally sensitive and caring environment;

Provide professional support, including a mixture of sustained one-to-one and group meetings to 13-19 year olds relating to education, training and employment;

Liaise with relevant agencies in order to minimise service duplications among the target groups; and

Develop training opportunity for volunteers supporting children and young people between the ages of 13-19 year olds.

Outreach - work with disaffected and socially excluded young people

Counselling: One-to-one and group sessions with disaffected and socially excluded young people, 15-19 year olds

Social interactions- including evenings and weekend’s social functions, and so diverting beneficiaries from anti-social activities on the streets.  

Creative Activities: Music Workshops   training introduced as a basic step before the users go on to prepare for professional qualifications - NVQ stages 1 and 2. This involves a twelve-week course in DJ practices for 15-19 year olds.

Development In The Outdoors: Residential outdoor courses for 15-17 year olds disaffected and socially excluded.   These courses included abseiling, rock climbing, camping, navigation, raft and improvised boat building, walking, a variety of outdoors cooking opportunities and discussions on participants’ future directions. These courses are held in partnership with subcontractors licensed by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority  (AALA). 

Off-Road Motor Cross Training: One of the extended and very popular services that will be on offer to suitable youngsters, between the ages of 13-17 years.  

Engaging Beneficiaries

Outreach Work – contacts on the street late at nights and early mornings;
A mixture of one-to-one and group meetings;
Liaise with parents/guardians;
Publications: leaflets, magazines, reports, etc.;
Social functions;
Sports, Leisure and after school activities;
Summer activities;
Development in the Outdoors - mountaineering, climbing, abseiling, walking, problem solving, building confidence and self-esteem;
Creative activities – music workshops;
Off-road Motor-Cross Training;
Compulsory Basic Training  (Motor Bikes);
Job Brokerage – CV writing, computers, assistance with completing application forms, telephone facilities, job references, training in good interview techniques, etc.; and
Supplementary education and home tuitions where appropriate.


           Community Education and Training Services

UK Registered Charity No.: 269681. Est. 1975.

UK Registered Learning Provider. Department for Education and Skills Registration No.:10006844

E-mail: cmass@ubol.com

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