Text Box: Statement 
by the Vince Hines Foundation  
Registered Charity No.: 269681
6th March 2006

Organisation Destabilisation

As a result of the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham Council withdrawal of crucial funding in 2005 to the Vince Hines Foundation, without proper and adequate notification, on the basis of an alleged and currently disputed contractual technicalities, the Charity was thrown into significant financial difficulties and creditors became impatient in waiting to be paid. 

The Charity supported the poor, disadvantaged and those less able in Hammersmith and Fulham since 1975. The Charity has an average case load of 250 beneficiaries per month. It has very strong community support from all ages, gender and ethnic minorities. This is evidenced by 1500 local residents signed petitions to their elected councillors, via Stephen Burke, Leader, in support of the Charity in June 2005.

One of the Charityís creditors is the Landlord of  Springside House, 84 North End Road, W14, the HQ building of the Vince Hines Foundation, since 1999. The Charity entered into a new ten year lease in 2003.  

As a consequence, the Landlord, Springside Properties Ltd.,12 Russell Gardens, West Kensington, London W14 8EZ, foreclosed on the lease because of non-payment of rent, and seized the Charityís properties. Access to the property is difficult at this time. There had been no access to the premises since November 2005. As a consequence, there is a serious and fundamental problem with accessing mail and other necessary documentations. The Charity had not removed any item from the building, as there was a reasonable expectation that the matter would be resolved, and creditors taken care of, as the expected funds were adequate to cover outstanding debt at the time.

The Vince Hines Foundation is of course not a building, and in due time it will bounce back with greater force and creativities, since there is an important need for the service being provided. Nevertheless, at this particularly stage the disruptions and organisation destabilisation are having affects.  The Council has a responsibility to resolve this matter. 

No alternative service is provided to cater for the beneficiaries the Charity supported. 

The Foundationís action is not exhausted in its quest to bring the Council to take responsibility for the unnecessary action against the Charity. The Council has a responsibility to provide the necessary funding in order to ensure that the Charity continues its work with residents, as requested by 1500 local residents. From phase one of an High Court Judgement in November 2005, It was clearly shown that the Charity, and members of its staff, were not engaged in any malpractices whatsoever. There is therefore no real and pressing reason for the Council to continue withholding funding.

Until further notice the Foundationís postal address is:

The Vince Hines Foundation
PO Box 54916 
E-mail: cmass@ubol.com  
Website: www.ubol.com 

Central Management, Administrative and Support Services