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“Ethiopians, that is, Negroes, gave the world the first idea of right and wrong
and thus laid the basis of religion and all true culture and civilization."
--Joel Augustus Rogers   

Text Box: People of A Lesser God?
The Restless Beast becomes Impatient.  [more]

Sudan’s New Challenges and Opportunities

“Most of these guns are used by civilian populations to hurt each other and for cattle rustling and many lives are lost in the process - that is the problem. So, now, after that incident, there is more dialogue so that we achieve peaceful disarmament. We are looking into ways and means to do that. Small arms are a big problem, but it is not just a Sudanese or a southern Sudanese problem; it is a regional problem. Civilians are armed in Uganda, in Kenya, in Ethiopia.” Pagan Amum, SPLM Secretary General         Full Story

Marcus M. Garvey

“Our First National Hero Deserves Better”

“The consensus of those who were interviewed was that the international Black, African and other interested communities needed to actively encourage the Government of Jamaica to do more for the Garvey visual and intellectual legacies on the Island.” Devon Evans, Correspondents                 

  [Full Story]

Remembering Marcus Mosiah Garvey

“In remembering Marcus Mosiah Garvey, it must be admitted that he lacked business acumen and he also lacked honest and competent business associates.   His Black Star Line Enterprise was therefore doomed to failure.”  Valarie Dixon [Full Story]

Text Box: Developing The Infrastructure of The Voluntary and Community Sector

“The seeds for social exclusions of black and ethnic minority voluntary and community initiatives were planted during the 1970s and 80s by policy makers who did not seem to consider the consequences for posterity, by ignoring substantive calls from Black and ethnic minority leaderships to provide capacity building and infrastructural support towards an equitable Britain.” 
Dr. Vince Hines
Text Box: Text Box: Revolution, Betrayal and Freedom in Sudan
“And after the total liberation of Sudanese people, has been achieved, there will be no more wars of liberation, but state organized extensive drive against racism, tribalism, corruption, nepotism, hidden or real slavery, internal colonialism or ethnic based domination and exploitation etc” Dr. Deng D. Akuany [More]

Dr. Deng D. Akuany

Text Box: Profile:
“Crediting those who have contributed to our development.”
Dr. Prince Alfanso Brown
 (1926-2005).                               [More]

Dr. Prince A. Brown

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Click to read Declaration
Click to read Convention
Text Box: Terrorism, Global Warming, World Poverty, HIV/AIDS & Bird Flue
Does the ‘War On Terrorism’ herald a new and lasting era of draconian restrictions and diminishing civil liberties, in the name of ‘national security’, including racial and religious profiling, loss of liberty, wire tapping and disruptions of private communications— post, e-mails, telephones, etc.?
Can we maintain our national security without loosing some of our fundamental liberties, enschined in the UN and European declations of Human Rights ?
How can all citizens become stakeholders to  securing the Nation against attacks ?
What is Humanity’s current greatest threat —
Terrorism ?
Global warming ?
World poverty, injustices and exploitations ?
HIV/AIDS, bird flue and similar health issues ?               Feedback@ubol.com
Text Box: ‘Prioritising the Priorities’
Text Box: ‘Children at War’
Text Box: New Global Network for People of African Heritage

“The important lesson to learn from the slaving and colonising of African peoples is that it was an international and unified system, which enslaved and colonised the Africans.  And so, latter day peoples of African heritage need an equally strong international system, ensuring that they are in the vanguard of its leadership, to promote their development and prosperity worldwide.” Read full story

Text Box: War and Conflict

“We are all potential targets in the wars of the new century – wars often fought with low-tech weapons that in the hands of determined militants can bloody even the greatest military powers. The deadliest of those weapons is the suicide bomber. The world may have avoided a nuclear holocaust in the last century, but its appetite for war in pursuit of resources, national rights and religious beliefs shows no sign of waning.”

 – Reuters 2006


  “Now that the whole ship’s cargo  were confined together, it became absolutely pestilential. The closeness of the place, and the heat of the climate… almost suffocated us...The shrieks of the women, and the groans of the dying rendered it a scene of horror almost inconceivable...I began to hope that death would soon put an end to my miseries.”  - Olaudah Ecuiano, sold from Africa into New World Slavery at age 12.  [More]

Slave ship fully loaded


‘The Importance of Metaphors in Constructing

a World View Project’ 




Security of Activists in

A Changing World


“Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell ‘1984’ (1949)


Who controls the past ? Who controls the present ?


Activists must be matured in their approach in planning their security, while claiming and practising their rights as free citizens within a just, truthful and free society. Activists who believe in the preservation of our democratic way of life cannot be childish in their approach to personal security. In these days when every telephone call, e-mails and  snail mail are recorded and read by internal and foreign agents, those who believe in the preservation of a free and civilised society have a special duty to be vigilant.


Text Box: Great Britain And The Atlantic Slave Trade
Text Box: Bicentenary Commemoration

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