partnership basis, with a rotating Chair, nominated from among the partners, with objects:


To share new and innovative ways of delivering services to beneficiaries;


2.     To share information about good practices; and


To share information about obstacles affecting or likely to affect optimum service delivery to beneficiaries, and how to resolve any such obstacles collectively.


 Appendix A


Bibliography of Current Street Words

Words                          Meanings     

Bate-                                     A set up

Bare-        A lot

Blackhead-       Black person

Blood-       Someone with the same complexion

Boat-        Mouth

Bro-   Brother

Brock-       Damage

Browns-                                Cigarette

Brase-       Without any cash

Bun-  To smoke

Clat-                                      Lots of money

Coke/Crack Head-                Cocaine user

Cotch-       To sit

Crew-       Gang

Crib or drum-    Home

Deep-       To be harsh

Dickhead- Stupid person

Feds-        Police

Five 0-      Police

Fruit Cake-       Mad

Green-      Marijuana

Hot Rock/Pots-                     Hash

I’ll spark you-   I’ll beat you up

Jack-        Thief

Jail-   Prison

Laters-      Bye

Long-        A long time

Louwit-                                 Allow it

Minor-                                  Doesn't matter

Munch-     Eat

On road-   On the street

Paper-      Cash

Plotting-   To sit

Rags-        End of discussion

Reach-      I’ll reach destination or to share smokers

Rock-        To aggressively fight

Sad-  To be harsh

Safe-         Okay with the person

Shot-        To sell

Trek-        To walk

Weak-       Rubbish

Yattes-      Girls

Zoot-        Something you smoke


Money terms

A benner/nugget-    £1.00

A Jax/blues note-     £5.00

A benz-     £10.00

A score-    £20.00

A one'er/bill-    £100.00

A 'G'-        £1000.00

Boyz-        £'s. For example. 50 boyz = £50.00, 200 boyz = £200.00, etc


Appendix B


THE  VINCE HINES FOUNDATION (In Association with the Black European Community Development Federation (BECDF) )






1.  To provide the best services possible in accordance with  available resources, and to ensure that users are free from discriminations and oppressions, and that their dignity, human and civil rights are respected, while they are using the services of the Project;


2.  That the services offered by the Partnership On The Street Project will be culturally sensitive, with an active equal opportunity policy, which said that potential users and users will not be discriminated against on the grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnic origins, nationality, religious beliefs or practises, sexuality, age or trade union activities, disabilities, lesbian and gay men.


3.   That users will be encouraged to have direct input into the management and development of the Project's programme of activities, and nominate a representative to the Project Working  Committee; and  that users will be consulted by the Project's Management before any changes to the Project's published programme of services, which are likely to affect users; and


4.  That a system of strict confidentiality is observed within the Project in respect of users’ personal and family details.


5. USERS’ COMPLAINT PROCEDURE: a user having a complaint about service delivery, relating to any area of the Project’s work, s/he must first take up the matter in writing with the senior Project Worker. If the user is unable to get reasonable satisfaction, s/he should take the written complaint to the supervisor of her/his senior worker; if no satisfaction is gained at that level, the matter should be taken up with the chairperson of the appropriate development committee; failing a unsatisfactory resolution, the matter should be taken up with the Vince Hines Foundation's Director. If, having followed the above procedures, the user was still aggrieved, the matter should be taken up with the Chairperson of the Vince Hines Foundation Main Committee of Management, which would be the final stage of the complaint procedure.


Equal Opportunity Policy:


The Project intends to ensure equality of opportunity so that no person should be disadvantaged in seeking employment with the Project for any reason and during their employment, on the grounds of age, colour, creed, disability, gender, marital status, race or sexual orientation.



Appendix C



On The Street Project

Photographic Display


Picture No.        Details


Front Page         ‘3am Reflections’.


1.                          150 Townmead Road/39 Byam Street. Premises  which The Vince Hines  Foundation occupied for 24 years: 1976-1999, page 25


2.                        Castle Youth Club, page 25


3.                        Townmead Youth Club, page 27


4.                        Sands End Adventure Play Centre, page 27


5.                        Colebrook Community Centre, page 28


6.                        Sands End Community Centre, page 28


7.                        Brunswick Club for Young People, page 29


8.                        Fulham Court Community Hall, page 29


9.                        Clem Attlee Community Hall, page 30


10.                      West Kensington Youth Centre, page 30


11.                      Lillie Road Fitness Centre, page 31


12.                      Springside House, The Vince Hines Foundation new base, page 31


13.                      Barry and Emma, page 32


14.                      Francis, Michael, Dean and Jason, page 33


15.                      David, page 33


16.                      Ashley, Wayne and Alistor, page  34


17.                      Clem Attlee Court At A Distance, page 34


18.                      Young Partners On The Street, page 35


19.                      The Scrambling Track— ‘Our Turn Next’, page 35


20.                      Off-Road Motor Bike Training—Staff Team & Trainees, page 36


21.                      West Kensington At Night, page 36


22.                      Clem Attlee at Night, page 37


23.                      Peabody Estate At Night, page 38


24.                      Elbrook Park At Night , page 38


25.                      Fast Foods on the Street At Night— Jam1 Caribbean Takeaway, page 39


McDonald— 24-hour  ‘Drive Bye’, page 39


27.                      Night Cruise– To Move, page 40


28.                      Martin Morgan—Foundation Eagles FC Manager, page 40


29.                      Cruise In Progress— London West End, page 41


Play At Night, page 41


31.                      On The Banks Of The Thames— Big Ben looks on at 2a, page 42


32.                      Night Play Continues, page 42


33.                      Rest Time, page 43


34.                      Ezrah— preparing for the future, page 44


35.                      Courtney— IT Hands On, page 44


36.                      Jamaine and Casper Learning Together, page 44

37.                      Carlene— Determined, page 45


38.                      Kenny and Jason, page 45


39.                      Barry—Making A Head Start, page 46


40.                      “The Future Is Ours”  -  Rueben And Kimberley, page 47


41.                      Aaron , page 47


42.                      Timothy, page 48


43.                      Omo Igwaegbe—Student/Trainee, page 48


44.                      Jimmy, page 49


45.                      Ross, page 49


46.                      Horace Lashley—  VHF Education Committee Chairperson, page 50


47.                      Sandra Thorpe—Voluntary Worker, page 50


48.                      Sydney Roberts— Driver/Project Worker, page 51


49.                      Delia Danson—Student/Worker,  page 51


50.                      Yohannes Demmelash—Artist/Voluntary Worker, page 52


51.                      Yishibah Israel— PR Consultant/Psychologist , page 52


52.                      Dr Deng Akuany— Consultant/Sociologist, page 53


53.                      Callistus Igboanugo— Administrator,  page 53


54.                      Clifford Parris— The Vince Hines Foundation , Chairperson, page 53


55.                      Dr. Rudy Mohammed—Health Advisor/LCDSN Representative, page 54


56.                      Dr Vince Hines— National Director/VHF Founder, page 55


                  Clem Attlee Court At Night, back page.



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