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African saying:

 ‘It takes one woman to bring a child into the world, but it takes a community to raise the child’.



Self-Hep News – “Giving Voice to the Voiceless”



Zulu Publications.  ©  March 2007.

First Edition. Copyright  reserved.

Urban Children and Young People:

‘Gun Babies of Our Making’

“These are our children and young people. We must stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with them while they gain confidence to enter adulthood successfully. More ‘ASBOs’ and prisons are not the answer to untrained and disillusioned young people. ”  - Dr. Vince Hines

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1.  Introduction:   page

2.  Looked After And Adopted Children:  

3. Children, Risk and Crime: The One Track Youth Lifestyles Surveypage

4. Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs): 

5. Locking Up Children: 

6. Building More Prisons; page

7. Who is Born a “Gun-Man” or A “Criminal” ?: 

8. Operation Trident: Anti-Gun Police: 

9. A View from an Urban Youth: 

10. Does Music Influence Young People’s Behaviour: 

11. Grassroots Community in Search for Reason and Solution: page

12. Youth and Different World: page

13. The Vince Hines Foundation and Innovative Youth & Community Work : page

14. Partnership On The Street: page 25-26

15. Education, Excluded Children and Young People: 

16. Family Breakdown: 

17. RESPECT: The Task Force: page

18. Excerpts: RESPECT Progress Report 2006/07: page

19. Training  Our Youth to Enrich the Nation: 

20. Conclusion: 

21. Recommendations: 

Appendix A: Glossary: page 42


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