“FREE SPEECH—Dare to Call Its Name”

Works published here are based on the current series of FREE SPEECH, which provides an opportunity to  writers  of visions and creativities. Views which , though valid, may not necessarily be the same as those held by the majority.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is afraid of lasting peace in the Middle East and Greater Palestine?

Who gains more from perpetual wars in the Middle East?

Are the peaceful and law abiding people of the State of Israel being used as vicious destructive battering rams and colonial subjects by ambitious and aspiring hegemonic forces?

Who would lose most by the establishment of one united, democratic and peaceful Greater Palestine?

Is it realistic for the world communities to believe that independent and sovereign states in the Middle East, would not pay the price for gaining their individual ‘back yard’ nuclear facilities, in light of the State of Israel’s destructive and disproportionate self-defence response on Lebanon’s territories, a sovereign and democratic state, in light of Hezbollah’s crude provocations?

Has the United Nations (UN) been sidelined in face of its apparent incapability to having meaningful and effective influences on the killings, injuries and mass displacements of civilians in the occupied Palestinian territories,  Afghanistan, Checyna, Iraq, Darfur, Sudan, Israel, Lebanon and elsewhere?

When will full scale World War III commence? Given that:

¨ The world communities have had preludes of sustainable and saturated daily violence, state and individual sponsored terrorist attacks on civilians;

¨ The failure by rich states to create a level trading field for poor states to trade out of poverty;

¨ Low level wars – civil and otherwise, as shown in the Palestinian occupied territories,  Afghanistan, Checyna, Iraq, Darfur, Sudan, Israel, Lebanon and elsewhere, including powerful states invading small independent, sovereign and democratic states;

¨ The apparent manipulation and emasculation of the UN, resulting in the visible decline of that Organisation’s credibility and effectiveness as a Body for World Peace; and

¨ Current World uncertainties, large scale injustices, dissatisfactions and hopelessness among the peoples of poor nations.


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“All faith is FALSE, all faith is TRUE.

TRUTH is the shattered mirrors strewn In myriad bits; while each BELIEVES

His LITTLE BIT the whole to own.”


From “The Kasidah of Hji Abu el-Yezdi”, as translated by Sir Richard F. Burton