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We are being pressed by our leaders – elected and unelected, into a new era of human relations globally, seemingly irretrievable, apparently promising to give birth to a long period of chaos, destructions and uncertainties, in what was otherwise relatively orderly, peaceful and liberal world. Is it not wise to ask, “is our world our home and nations our family?”
Are we loyal members of the Human Family? Has the power of our minds handicap to our survival?
 The Animal Kingdom and its inhabitants, including those living in our rivers, lakes and seas, are they not equally entitled to the resources to maintain life, without the growing threat by members of the human race to extinguish existence, mindful of course that to a large extent, many of the animals today existed long before human populate our Planet. 
When death is no longer deterrent to some members of the human family or limit our actions to achieve our perceived reality and where there is no limit to the level of our greed and exploitation of the poor and dispossessed, is it not time for all humanity to pause and take reality checks, as we would have taken health checks. Should we not come to common basis, a formula for  collective reality, in the interest of our survival, taking account of our individual and collective actions, which are currently impacting dangerously on ourselves.
What seem certain, partly because of a lack of manifest clear vision, individuality, elitism and exclusivities, underpinned by profit motives, a sense and wish for power to dominate, modified metaphysics, modified theologies, and artificially created model of a world view, by a few, who are capable of imposing the same on a significant and globally influential minority, to the extent that it seems that our one eyed vision, already limited in scope, has become darkened, as we enter into the human unknown. We float on the pathways of our own desperations.
We split the atom and delved into the complexities of quantum physics. We complimented ourselves for our perceived achievements, seemingly without considering the possibility that we may be in a metaphysical, theological, philosophical and scientific cul-de-sac, shunted there by our arrogance. The sum total of our apparent achievements is the state of current planetary humanity.
We continue on our path, gripped by our self-certainty, having relatively little  balance, harmony, order, justice, truth and reciprocity.
We kill at will. The foundation of our policies, particularly much of our foreign policies, is based largely on deceptions. We consumed excessively. We lack real compassion for the poor and disadvantaged of the world. We introduced systems –  trading, finance, banking, insurance and military, where compassion is a byword, as our failure to arrive at fair and just trading agreements, after many attempts, where the poor could trade themselves out of poverty. Yet we claim the right to be called ‘civilised, democratic and defender of the faiths’.  What ails us Humanity? 
If the ‘rich West’ is not prepared to change radically its foreign policies, perceived by a vast number in the so called ‘developing world’ as unjust and oppressive, the world will continue to witness direct and indirect resistance, manifested through individual and collective interpretations, by the use of ‘home made and survival brands’ of metaphysics, theologies, politics, science and armed	 actions, spurred on by individual and collective perception of martyrdom. 
“Love thy neighbour as you love yourself” and “Do unto others as you would like others do unto you” are old and apparently simplistic sayings which stood the test of time. If these simple norms were applied in our contrived and complex global societies, Humanity could perhaps be more optimistic today and hope for a better future.
These norms are not applied and so there is currently a  “War On Terrorism”. Terrorism can be state-led and individual-led, as we saw during the exchanges of violence in the Middle East,  involving the United States of America, Iraq, the State of Israel, in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Lebanon, as recent as June 2006. What or who is a ‘terrorist’ is yet to be defined by the ‘International Community’.
History is firm on this – one person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. Nelson Mandela and his comrades’ campaigns against the brutal apartheid regime in South Africa, during the 1960s and 1990s, clearly demonstrated the truth of this matter. Mandela subsequently became the first black African President of South Africa,  apartheid was dismantled and the majority of the African population took political control of their Nation.
Since the definition of a ‘terrorist’ is problematic, there is a danger that the World will see more war-time German type  ‘concentration camps,’ particularly in Western Europe and North America. They may not be gas chambers; but the psychological consequences to inmates are likely to be extremely challenging, as was noted in Northern Ireland Special Prisons  for republican and loyalist political prisoners who were involved in bombing and killings during their campaigns, and in Iraq’s AbuGhraid prison during the USA occupation up to 2005.
The USA Guantanamo  Bay secure prison is a prototype of these future ‘camps’, where people held for years without charges. Foreign applicants arriving in the UK without immigration papers and seeking refugee and asylum status are locked up for long period. This has become a routine. One of such places is Yarl’s Wood Removal Centre, used by the Government’s Immigration Service’s Operation Enforcement Section as a holding base for failed asylum seekers and others before they are removed from the UK.
Special camps, to hold individual suspects of terrorist and related offences, when they are declared in future, it  will be said that they were created ‘in the interest of national security’. The growth of political prisoners in the West will multiply inevitably. Current anti-terrorist laws in Europe and North America set the stage for the creation of these special camps. Ordinary prisons are already over crowded. 
As we learn during 1971-1990, from the  Irish Republic Army (IRA) bombing campaigns of British  major cities, targeting transport infrastructures and other semblances of authority,  successive  governments might consider it prudent to isolate large numbers of citizens taken from specific communities. Many without jury trials, as had been the case with the Irish in the North of Ireland. The IRA and the Ulster Defence Army (UDA), involved in bombing and killing for their cause, were placed in special prison, under Special Category Status -  HM Prison Maze (known colloquially as ‘The H Blocks’, ‘Long Kesh’ or ‘The Maze’ 1976-2000).
The security services in Europe and North America have been profiling individuals in search of ‘Islamic terrorists.’ 
It is unlikely that this type of isolation policy will work as intended. It has the potential of being a recruiting sergeant for more individuals joining a campaign of violence against society. Violence of this type is likely to bring about a backlash from the wider society, against the minority, with spiral consequences. There is likely to be significant ‘race’ issues involve.
The IRA and UDA campaigns were mostly local base. While there had been some   religious elements associated with those campaigns – Roman Catholics and Protestantism, there had not been significant race element and a potential for a global movement of millions.  
Except for the nine Crusades during 1099-1271, Judaism, Islam and Christianity co-existed peacefully for many hundred of years. There had been no Cause during this period that gave birth to a threat of world wide proportion, as now exists, on the basis of religious sensitivities.  
The influence of the United Nations (UN) and its Security Council continue to decline, as the Secretary General, Kofi Anan, made this clear in his August 2006 speech, during his call for a speedy Security Council Resolution to halt the violence between the State of Israel and Lebanon.
Is it realistic, therefore, that reasonable minds can believe that there will be lasting world peace when injustices are at the current levels, invigorated partly by unpopular foreign policies, racism, exploitation and oppression?
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August 2006

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