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Text Box: Joel Augustus Rogers, born in Negril, Jamaica, West Indies, on September 6, 1883, was the son of a small town school teacher (his father). In 1906 he moved to the United States, settling for a while in Chicago but spending most of his life in Harlem, New York. In 1917 he became a naturalized U.S. citizen.J.A. Rogers immigrated to the United States in 1906 and became a naturalized citizen in 1917.  
Despite his light complexion and mulatto background, Rogers bitterly discovered that Black people were all treated the same, no matter the complexion.  Rogers, however, rejected the dogma of white superiority, even as a child.  In a class and color conscious Jamaica, the young Rogers observed, "I had noticed that some of my schoolmates were unmixed blacks and were, some of them, more brilliant than some of the white ones."  Rogers grew up around Blacks who were physicians and lawyers--graduates of "the best English and Scottish Universities."  This realization that the doctrine of white superiority was contradicted by the talent and expertise of Black intellect inspired Rogers to begin his research into the Black experience.
J.A. Rogers published his first book, the 87 page "From Superman to Man" in 1917.  At the time he wrote the book, he was working as a Pullman porter out of Chicago.  Rogers had gone to Chicago to Study art.  Rogers was one of the first and few African historians to use art extensively in helping to validate the achievements of African people.
J.A. Rogers' search for truth led him to examine the African blood lines of Europeans and Americans.  His signal work, "Nature Knows No Colour-Line" and the three-volume set, "Sex and Race" destroyed the myth of Aryan race purity.
Rogers' other historical focus was on producing biographical portraits of prominent African personages.  In 1931, he published "The World's Greatest Men of African Descent" and in 1947, published "The World's Great Men of Colour 3000 B.C. to 1946 A.D."  Joel Augustus Rogers died on his birthday, September 6, 1966.
1.  From Superman to Man
2.  As Nature Leads: an informal discussion of the reason why Negro and Caucasian are mixing in spite of opposition.
3.  The Approaching Storm and How It May Be Averted.
4.  The Ku Klux Sprit: a brief outline of the history of the Ku Klux Klan past and present.
5.  World's Greatest Men of African Descent.
6.  One Hundred Amazing Facts about the Negro: with complete shortcut to the world history of of the Negro.
7.  World's Greatest Men and Women of African Descent.
8.  The Real Facts about Ethiopia.
9.  Your History from the Beginning of Time to the Present
10. Sex and Race: Negro-Caucasian Mixing in all Ages and all Lands (3 vols.).
11. World's Great Men of Color (2 vols.).
12. Nature Knows No Color Line: research in the Negro ancestry in the white race.
13. Africa's Gift to America: the Afro-American in the making and saving of the United States with new supplement: Afria and its potentialities.
14. Facts about the Negro.
15. Five Negro Presidents

“Ethiopians, that is, Negroes, gave the world the first idea of right and wrong
and thus laid the basis of religion and all true culture and civilization."
--Joel Augustus Rogers

Joel A. Rogers



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