Text Box: AGM pays tribute 
to founding members and
calls on new Conservative Leadership 
to honour residents’ petitions

It was  noted with deep regrets, the passing of Dr. Prince Alfanso Brown 1926-2005. Dr. Brown had been one of the founding trustees of the Foundation since 1975. He made invaluable contributions to the Foundation, its work and to members of the community, in Bristol and London alike. Dr. Brown will be sadly missed. R.I.P.

Dr. Vince Hines was cited for his “unselfish contributions to the Foundation, his sacrifices and lifelong dedication to members of the community.”

Most Challenging time

This was the first AGM to be held since the Charity experienced one of its most challenging period during its thirty one years history, working among the poor, severely disadvantaged and hardest to reach, in our inner city. The Charity operated in Hammersmith and Fulham since 1975, and eighty five percent (85%) of the Foundation’s beneficiaries are residents of that Borough. The Charity provided services for an average of one hundred and twenty five (125) beneficiaries weekly, many of whom are children and young people.

The Charity experienced significant disruptions, when the old Labour Administration of the Hammersmith and Fulham Council, in association with Connexions London West, failed to release expected funding to the Organisation during 2005. The Charity management said such an action was “unreasonable and callous”. There was no credible reason for the withholding of the funds, and none was given.

The Foundation applied to the High Court of Justice for a Judicial Review of the Council’s action, after 1500 local residents signed petitions calling on the Council and Connexions London West to provide support to the Charity, “because it was satisfying real needs among residents.”  The High Court refused the review; but stated that there was “no evidence whatsoever” of any wrong doings on the part of the Charity, management and staff.

The politics of envy

One member at the AGM was adamant that he knew the root cause for the attack on the Foundation and the over whelming evidence of its success in the community. He said “it was motivated by the politics of envy.”

The decision of the local council to delay funding to the Charity in 2005 caused knock-on-effects, to the extent that the Charity was forced to re-locate its operational premises, laid off staff and activate a programme of re-structuring, during the interim of sourcing new funding. 

A Call on new Conservative Administration to honour residents’ petitions

The 2006 AGM  resolved that a Delegation from the Foundation must seek a meeting with  the new Conservative Leader, Councillor Stephen Greenhalgh of the Hammersmith and Fulham Council, with a request that the new Administration review the case of the Foundation, in line with over 1500 local residents’ petitions dated 21 June 2005, in support of the Foundation and its work in that Borough.

New Trustees

The following were appointed to the Board of Trustees with immediate effect: Mr. Winston Connell, Dr. Deng D. Akuany and Ms Keisha Bembridge.

Government of Southern Sudan

A letter from the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) was tabled at the AGM,  addressed to Dr. Vince Hines and the Vince Hines Foundation and signed by the Vice-President and Minister of Housing and Public Utilities, Dr. Riek Machar Tenny, dated 13 October 2006.

The contents of the letter were highly congratulatory to Dr. Vince Hines and the Vince Hines Foundation, for the humanitarian and non-partisan support given to the Sudanese people at the period of needs, during the long and destructive twenty one years of civil war, which were particularly devastating to the people of Southern Sudan.

Dr. Riek Machar Tenny, on behalf of his government stated “I want to reiterate that there can be no meaningful development and reconstruction of our country without participation [of] our brothers and sisters from the Diaspora, who we do recognise possess special skills, expertise and experiences, which we believe will benefit our country that had  been under war for decades”

In conclusion, the Vice-President and Minister continued: “I would like to invite you and your colleagues, to visit Southern Sudan to meet us in government and officials, who are currently actively engaged in assessment and planning, process of rehabilitation and construction.  And I wish to assure you that we will cooperate and support your efforts to participate in socio-economic development of our country.”

The meeting acknowledged the Vice-President’s letter and resolved that the Foundation should continue to give whatever support possible to the Sudanese people, working individually and in partnership with other agencies at home and abroad to achieve this aim.

Sharing thirty one years of expertise

The Foundation, a registered charity and Department for Education and Skills (DfES)  Registered Learning Provider, has restructured. It intends to expand and share its thirty one years expertise and innovative services, operating in London West boroughs and elsewhere.

The AGM concluded with a quote from Dr. Vince Hines - “The World is my Home and Nations my Family”.


Information Unit


9 November 2006

The Vince Hines Foundation members and associates paid tributes to founding members Dr. Vince Hines and the late Dr. Prince Brown, at the charity’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

LBHF Leader, Councillor

Stephen Greenhalgh

Dr. Vince Hines