Text Box: Friday 4th Mar 2004
Text Box: Forging New Partnerships for Text Box:  Clifford Parris— Text Box: Friday 11th Mar 2004
Text Box: Friday 18th Mar 2004
Text Box: Strengthen strategies for the continued and           accelerated development of Text Box: Refugees and Asylum Seekers:                        A New Challenge to Britain’s Humanity.
Text Box: Horace Lashley—Senior Lecturer, Youth and Text Box: Dr. Deng D. Akuany, Director, Sudanese Research

Target Audience:


Pupils and students, educationalists, policy makers, trade unionists, representatives of voluntary and      community groups, racial equality and human rights experts, youth and community workers, Connexions  personal advisors, social workers, probation officers, the Police, LEAs, lawyers, the media and all those who have an interest in the subjects and harmonious multi cultural community development in Britain.


This is an advance notification, bringing to your attention our planned weekly community education        programme for October 2004 to March 2005.  For booking details,  contact Yishibah, Telephone:  020 7603 9974, Ext. 26


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June 2004.


“We came and built Britain after her war torn years. We gave our best. ”

Britain's Black Saturday School Pioneers 

Examining the ‘Self-Help Vision’