The African Caribbean Network for Science & Technology has launched a National RESPECT Campaign to address the under-representation and under-participation of Blacks in Science, Engineering and Technology.

The Campaign’s objectives are to:

1.   Provide Blacks with role models in Science, Engineering and Technology;

2.  Raise Blacks careers aspirations in the fields of  Science, Engineering and Technology; and

3.  Provide opportunities for Blacks to interact with selected mentors working in the Science, Engineering and Technology professions.

The African Caribbean Network is based in Manchester. Primary and secondary schools are targeted in selected local education authority boundaries. These are   Manchester & Trafford, Sheffield, Wolverhampton, Bristol, Northamptonshire and London (Lewisham, Lambeth and Haringey) boroughs.

The RESPECT Campaign will provide all schools in the targeted LEAs areas with posters, promotional materials and resources free of charge. The aim is to enhance pupils’ attainment levels in Maths, Science and Technology – particularly those of African-Caribbean origin, who experienced unequal access to positive role models and promotional activities in Science, Engineering and Technology.

RESPECT is an initiative of the African Caribbean Network for Science & Technology, funded by the Government’s Office of Science and Technology (OST).

History shows that early Africa gave Science and Technology to modern man. Balance, Harmony, Order, Justice and  Reciprocity are all natural progressions of the African peoples, whatever their current geographical locations. Given this history, it is surprising that more children of African origin have not taken up Science and Technology as carers paths in Britain.

RESPECT National Campaign will, hopefully, correct this imbalance, and bring the Africans back to their natural place in world Science and Technology Forum.

Primary and secondary schools operating in any of the targeted LEA areas mentioned above and wish to receive the posters and resources which  RESPECT National Campaign is offering,  please make contact today:

African Caribbean Network for Science & Technology

Telephone: 01612738808

Fax: 01612733313



‘You don’t have to look like a Scientist; you just have to think like one’

The African Caribbean Network for Science and Technology

The African Caribbean Network for Science and Technology was set up in 1995 by Black professionals in science, engineering and technology as an educational support charity for young Black people. From its base in Greater Manchester the network offers a nationwide support service via a network of voluntary members. The network’s aims are as follows:

· To raise the education attainment of Black pupils in Science, Maths & technology subjects.

· To inspire more Black people to go into SET professions by promoting the idea that these jobs are not only achievable, but also fun, rewarding and empowering.

· To enhance the public engagement of ethnic minority communities with Science.

The African-Caribbean Network for Science & Technology (The Network) is the only organisation of its kind within the Scientific community, and the ethnic minority communities. It works across England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland, with links including 500 multi-ethnic primary & secondary schools, 40 Local Education Authorities (LEA’s), 20 further education colleges and 9 universities

The Network also has a sister organisation, The African Caribbean Women in Science and Engineering (A-C Wise) with the specific aim of supporting more African Caribbean women in SET careers.

Science Communication Activities

Careers Advice

The Network organises targeted careers guidance and industry links for Black pupils in schools, involving industry visits, presentations and talks by Black professionals in SET. They also set up short work experience placements in industry, to expose Black pupils to the exciting careers in the fields of science and technology.


Trips to places/events of Scientific interest, and interactive scientific exhibitions, are available to make science fun for, and relevant to, the every day experiences of Black pupils.

Resources for Schools

The African Caribbean Network organises in-service training (INSET) for primary and secondary school Maths, Science, and Technology Teachers, on strategies for ‘Raising the achievement of Black pupils’ in these subjects. The African-Caribbean Network runs community-based after-school tutorial and study support sessions known as the Ishango Science Clubs, to raise the educational achievement and career aspirations of Black students, aged 8-16. Information and advice is also available for parents to enable them to support the educational attainment of their children more effectively.


Mentoring involving Black professionals from the various fields of SET as role models aims to raise the aspirations of Black pupils in these careers, and to counteract the negative stereotypical expectations of them by teachers and mainstream British society.

Research & Policy Development

A proactive research and evaluation base underlies all these activities, which enables The Network to inform the government’s educational policies to help overcome the educational disadvantage of young African-Caribbean people in science, engineering and technology.

Contact Details

Dr. Elizabeth Rasekoala
African-Caribbean Network for Science and Technology
Progress Centre
Cakebread St
M12 6HF

Tel: 0161 273 8808
Fax: 0161 273 3313


Black Children and Young People

Can Succeed in Science,

Engineering and Technology