Text Box: A Tribute
Tsunami Dead
 of 2004
Text Box: On behalf of THE BLACK EUROPEAN COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FEDERATION, in association with the Vince Hines Foundation, we express great sadness and extend condolences to the nations, individual relatives and friends, who have lost citizens, family members and loved ones during the aftermaths of the Great Tsunami on 26th December 2004.

Once again the devastating results of Mother Nature’s unbridled power reminded Humanity of our vulnerability, as we   pollute our Planet and cause        icecaps to melt, filling our oceans. The shifting Ocean plates on 26.12.04 gave birth to death, which devoured thousands of our Human Family

During the summer of 2004 we occupied front seats as we watched helplessly, in most cases, multiple tropical storms and hurricanes in the Americas, the Philippines, and elsewhere, accompanied by floods, destructions, lost of lives and properties.

Meanwhile, the ‘privileged’ and ‘powerful’ members of our Human Family orchestrate blood lettings, suppressed capacities for real and lasting Compassions,  Charity, Love, Good-will, Natural Order,  Justice, Harmony and Balance.  Our desire to oppress and cause oppressions of those who are less privileged within our Human Family, in the name of freedom and security, visions and lights, political, economic,  cultural and theocratic hegemonies,  are often delivered on the backs of Trojan horses of deceptions.

Our double standards and transparent values, crushed  local, regional, national and international  poor and those less able among us, which have become our global reality, leading our Human Family along a path of Spiritual cul-de-sac.

Our apparent inability to ask for forgiveness, and to forgive, seems to be leading many members of our Human Family to a point of lasting despair, in an artificially created and forbidden ‘kingdom’ of blindness, where the One Eye has become the ‘king’, among our induced blindness.

Let us save our tears today, therefore, because the Great Tsunami of 2004 may be a forerunner and a warning of greater devastations to come. We may not have enough tears tomorrow; when we are confronted by ‘multiple-tsunamis’ from the air, on land and sea, when rescuers will themselves call to be rescued, in the light of  their  realities. Who then will bury the dead, clothed the naked, house the homeless and feed the hungry?

We therefore pay tribute to the dead, men, women and children - members of our Global Family, who have been smothered by Great Tsunami 2004. They have gone on before us.

May their souls rest in everlasting and serene peace.

In Mourning