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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Self-Help Partnerships is to facilitate swift and helpful cooperation and communications between members, helping  to focus on their strengths and weaknesses, and positioning them to benefit from existing opportunities and manage potential risks.

The Partnerships’ core purpose is to assist in enabling partners to achieve their mission statements.

In addition, the Partnerships aim to help create the conditions of trust, a culture of caring and sharing, in the interest of sustainable community development that meets the needs of the local community, where partners pooled resources for better management, efficient service delivery, avoidance of unnecessary service duplications, capacity building, sharing of expertise, and, for mutual benefits, present a collective voice to central government, local authorities, funders, policy makers and others as required.

The Partnerships’ core target groups are:

Registered and unregistered grassroots, social enterprise, voluntary and community groups, co-operatives, small and medium sized businesses, including sole traders, active groups, including those with written governing documents or recognised mandate.


 Partnerships’ Philosophy 

The PARTNERSHIPS’ philosophy is based on the notion of 'Active Citizenship', which says ‘self-help for Community development,’ following the line that, given clear direction, information and proper guidance, the disadvantaged are likely to gain a sense of purpose and worth, and   motivate themselves to achieve   higher standards of living for themselves,  which will also  benefit  members of the wider Community.  The Partnerships are based firmly on   equal opportunity policy, which rejects broadly unfair discriminations, on the grounds of age, colour, creed, political affiliations, disability, gender, marital status, race or sexual orientation.