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By Shadow

Expressions such as the layers of society,

the ravages of time and the machine of the state

attribute properties to society, time and state that they

do not really posses. Even so this false information clarifies the concepts of society, time and state.

These non-literal associations of concepts that force the reader to see real and true relationships are called metaphors. A metaphor gives us a means of reaching new insights and ideas starting from known concepts or objects that we can represent easily.


Our world-view construction itself contains a double metaphor. Our result will not be a view (as of a landscape) and we don’t construct (as an architect does). We could have chosen other metaphors to express our enterprise: world concept (emphasising the reasoning aspect) or world picture (emphasising the visual aspect). In any case we shall use metaphors, because language without metaphors seems to be impossible. The project of world-view construction consists in elucidating (metaphor) the whole of reality starting from certain parts.


The world can be seen as a machine, an organism, or a consciousness, and the well-known figure of speech pars pro toto brings forward (metaphor) essential properties of it, without being identified with it. It is impossible to construct world views without using root metaphors.


To see total reality as a cloud of atoms, as a field of forces, as a stream or as a substance, as a machine or as an organism, as a clock work or as a piece of art is using metaphors.


A metaphor can also be dangerous because of its inspiring power. If we know however what the images mean we can use their heuristic and interpretative power without danger. They can help us grasp certain aspects of reality that we would otherwise neglect completely.

Isolated and simplistic metaphors, certainly when they are taken literally, are dangerous and are better avoided.


No.4. November 2006

‘The Importance of Metaphors in Constructing

a World View Project’



Security of Activists in

A Changing World



“Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell ‘1984’ (1949)


Who controls the past ? Who controls the present ?


By Neighbourhood Watchers


Activists must be matured in their approach in planning their security, while claiming and practising their rights as free citizens within a just, truthful and free society. Activists who believe in the preservation of our democratic way of life cannot be childish in their approach to personal security. In these days when every telephone call, e-mails and  snail mail are recorded and read by internal and foreign agents, those who believe in the preservation of a free and civilised society have a special duty to be vigilant.


Activists must avoid wrongly handing  all plans, ideas, agendas, sensitive information, documents, meeting places/venues, video coverage of attendance at events. Leaders and members real names, addresses, phone numbers, car number plates, email addresses, etc.  must be secured from  invisible watching  agents. It is difficult for the average citizen to know, in these times, which is legal and illegal ‘government’ agents, and what they do with the information they collect.


There can be no error in personal security. If any potential errors are not immediately checked, a specific activist struggle on an issue with corrupt, unjust, repressive and racist governments, which should have taken 12 – 18 months, would now take nothing less than 8 years,  20 years or never to achieve. See where the struggle still is  today, like the SA apartheid! Taking secure care as an activist has nothing to do with fear but to cut the length of time for the struggle, to ensure that all enjoy justice and freedom.


The following are first steps that can and should be taken by all leaders and future activism leaders:


1.  Key community leaders should begin to re-read and undertake awareness classes on nasty espionage methods. A book called ‘Spy Catcher’ by  Peter Wright is a good starting point to get some insight. 


2.  Do not be specific about getting true identifications/addresses from yourselves. This is to protect individuals helping out.


3.   Spread important and useful information amongst all activists, BUT do not reveal the TRUE source, identities and names of your sources of information and advice [sensitive and especially useful information] to other activists or even same organisation members. This is not to do with secrecy amongst activists, but about cutting off unnecessary information to nasty listeners everywhere.


4.   Learn how to communicate very important information in person- one on one-, in open spaces and not on phones, internet, public venues or the  “supposed private” safe meeting places like certain activists  residences, cars and business premises. Key information and agenda setting meetings should not be held in these bugged places. General Events can be held in them.


5.   LETTERS/DOCUMENTS: The post office are paid to open up your sensitive documents, copy, send it to them  and reseal it for you. Learn to communicate by handing out documents in person.  Many of which usually need to be eventually destroyed within 3 days. Don’t forget that they come into your houses, businesses, cars, when you are out, to photocopy your details and bug the premises and cars.


6.  TELEPHONE: Better for texting. Don’t have your voices yet. Meet up to talk about activist issues in secure places or general public venues. Don’t make it easy for them to tap and disrupt your careful plans. Use texts, without your true identities to arrange coded meeting places only.  Use different names and number[s] for activism and different one for friends, family, all other engagements and business.


7.  INTERNET: Same as above. Use pseudo names for activism. Stop giving out real names, addresses and phone numbers on that NET TRAP thing!!! Stop helping them slow down your progress.


8.  VIDEO RECORDING OF ACTIVISTS MEETINGS: They tap the premises of the film crews and copy all the tapes, which are analysed for  what is said, by who AND TO WHO. Don’t give them your audience and membership details.  You don’t see theirs. This has a negative effect on the size of the audience. Now, they can then disrupt your next achievements.


9.  CAMERA TRAP: All supposed “secret venues/meetings” can be traced through your exposures, pictures and CAR REGISTRATION numbers. Deal with this the error. Lobby for cameras to be removed from your areas on privacy arguments. There are more cameras  [per population] in certain areas than others. Advocate for the removal where these cameras are shown to be racist or potentially racist.


10. If you need help on any of the above issues please contact other knowledgeable activists and or technology experts. Freedom must be the persevered of each citizens and not only of a powerful elite.


It is our firm belief that 100 times more than what is currently achieved could have been in place if leaders and members were more aware of the importance in keeping information safe. So stop giving away useful information to  the weak, wicked, corrupt, and the dubious, through your open, bugged or filmed comments.


With access to your information, the Elite, intent on controlling citizens, can use 10 thousand times more money to disrupt future plans and frustrate especially good ideas and leadership. 


In a democracy, it is the right of citizens to exercise dissidents. Rights which are to be protected and not allowed to be snuffed out by powerful elites, operating under whatever guises.  



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