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By Ras Messenger


There has been various discussions regarding current activities by Afrikan people especially those in urban environments in metropolitan cities and their continued usage of the word 'nigger' and  ‘black’.  Therefore, I have decided to take a critical look at these words and suggest possible reasons they came into being as well as why some Afrikans continue their usage, to the extent of seeking to ‘copywrite’ the word 'nigger'.


False Identity


Afrikans have suffered and continue to suffer great horrors and terrors at the hands of self and other nations over the pass 5000 years, causing the whole Continent of Afrika, now split between foreign ideologies/ and religious beliefs, alien to the Continent, prior to that period of time.


Some Afrikan people claim that they are Christians,  (under many disguises/names ), whilst others proclaim that they are Jews, Muslims. Remember that all three of these 'religious' beliefs have absolutely nothing to do with Afrikan spirituality, apart from the fact that some of the tenets were developed by Afrikans. In so called 2007, millions of Afrikans continue to promote and perpetuate these concepts.(ideologies/theologies)


These believers are people who will kill you, regardless that which they claim they are practising/promoting. In my opinion these practises and promotions are false, completely, The sad truth is, many of these Afrikans,  especially Christians, do not appear to LOVE themselves, or even respect that they are made in the 'image and likeness'  of 'god' therefore made perfect.


These people on a daily basis disrespect the Creators (male and female not a singular male figure as Judaism, Christianity and Islam plus a few others) would have you 'believing'). The disrespect of the Creator is the wearing false hair -in fact any hair except their own- to Iperson this is complete Madness, a sign of mental health - (so Queen Tiye wore false hair).


Afrikans in general regardless of socio-economic background spend approximately 97pence of every dollar/euro/pound they earn with people who do not look like members of their nation,   every single day, yet they have not developed adequate  businesses to employ their own children who are leaving university.


Post Traumatic Enslavement Syndrome


Many Afrikans are suffering from Post Traumatic Enslavement Syndrome. Many African identity had been altered during chattel slavery. Their names and identity were deliberately and systematically altered to reflect the 'conquerors’' images. Hence, today these characters are walking around proudly with rapists/murderers names, causing ‘genetic’ disorders. The sad news is that these ‘mentally deranged’ individuals then gladly give those same names to their children. How crazy can you get? Names of persons who raped your mother, more times your father, sister and brother!


 Europeans forced their name onto these Afrikans and today in 2007, when they have the opportunity to eradicate, throw it off the top of a mountain; they are still using it proudly like some badge of honour. 


This syndrome goes back a very long way perhaps 5000 years, when Emperor Menes ruled KMT in 3100 BC- to get a truer picture of our present condition, which was further exasperated/eroded with the advent of Islam nearly 2000 years and lately again the pass 500 years when all nations of Europe benefited directly and indirectly from the enslavement of Afrika and the rape and division of the continent in 1855 Berlin Conference. 


Afrikans are perhaps the only Nation of people on the Planet (adaptation of European understanding) who take the name of the places they are born, suddenly they become Ghanaians, Nigerians, Americans, Jamaicans, Grenadians, Barbadians, Bahamans etc.


When you investigate the names of these places/locations, and the names of the people who gave these regions those names, you begin to realise what the problem is amongst Afrikans and can clearly see the residues of self hatred/fear remaining in their minds, many of them even have university degrees too and are suppose to be 'educated' to create positive changes amongst Afrikan. 


The vast majority of Afrikans, those on the  Continent and in the Diaspora, have had little or no significant opportunity to be healed, from being kidnapped, sold, tortured, raped, murdered and the effects of being enslaved for over 500 years.  They are still to make the re-BIRTH.  Therefore ideas /concepts like the words 'Nigger/Black'; are used to justify their current conditions - hands up waving a white flag.


To Iperson there are two sides which can be considered as contributory factors; Afrikans who continue to promote and market names like  'Nigger' in my opinion are  mentally distorted in their thoughts and deeds and require support.  On the other hand some are quite sane and would sell their own grandmothers and perhaps did sell our ancestors then, as they are continuing to do now for personal gains.


Afrikan Mental Confusions


In my opinion there are a lot of mentally confused rappers, lecturers, singers, actors, sportsmen and women,  etc, who masquerade with their ‘vampiric’ nature, trying to make that insulting word  ‘nigger’ become   part of Afrikan dynamics.  As I have already stated , these characters are suffering from ‘post traumatic enslavement syndrome’ - sub-conscious hatred.


Unfortunately, Afrikans of low mentality,   fail to recognise that they are walking around with the mind set, actions and names of former slavers and plantation owners, some of whom history suggests were rapists, paedophiles and killers.  Some Afrikans continue to pass on proudly  former slavers and plantation owners’ names, to their off springs/children. They seem to be completely ignorant of ‘Self’. These Afrikans then   expect that their named off springs/children are going to grow up conscious and positive in 2007, shop in their own nation’s shops; marry within their own nation; be productive to their future posterity and its development, rather than stabbing and killing each other, in the streets for a bag of sweets or less.



The so-called social scientists/ lecturers/rappers etc, of today who are in fact grouts. They are no different to some USA and UK Afrikan politricksters, including some in Parliament.  To Iperson, these are all sell outs, completely. They are not defenders of Afrika notables, such as Sojourner Truth, Queen Yaa Asantewa, Queen Nzinga, Queen Amina, Queen Mother Moore, Sam Sharpe, Steve Biko, etc. Afrikan heroes and sheroes are not elevated by this ‘shitstem’.


In my opinion the word Nigger can be ascribe/ used to describe any individual from any country of the world, be that China, Japan, Korea, Europe etc ,  there are no barriers/divisions- except in peoples minds.


The fact that there are still large numbers of Afrikan people suffering from the pains of being branded as if by the hot poker in 2007 is very sad news. In my opinion part of the reason why they like so much branding is due to the fact that their experiences of life have been disrupted, they appear to be orphans who were never hugged throughout their early life, now finding it difficult to adjust to being hugged now, by their true culture, spirituality, in fact way of life.



The Plantation Afrikans Who did not appreciate Freedom


Consider for a moment, imagine this actual scenario back in the day when supposedly chattel enslavement was abolished by the Europeans & their partners in their Crimes against Hue-manity. The slavers proclaimed the message, and informed the enslaved, many in turn, turned and said to 'massa'- “we  is free, how can we be free, 'massa' ? Where can we go, 'massa' ? 'Massa', we will work for you for free as we don’t know where else to go”.  You get my drift ?  This mentality is no different in so called 2007. In fact, it is getting worse, as more Afrikans kill, maim and injured themselves in London and throughout the Afrikan world communities.


I have outlined below some definitions which Iperson see as the cesspit arguments from where the words 'Nigger/'Black' came, which the Wretched Europeans Criminals perpetrated on to Huemans (Afrikans) and then to actually get those Afrikans repeating it. Calling themselves by those negative name brands is tantamount to people who occupy Mental Institutions. It also means that they are empty of their spiritual, cultural and physical self and are dangerous not only to Self, but to our nation and future progress.


In my opinion these people are living a lie, the same as millions of our people who 'believe' that 'God' exists outside themselves, so continue therefore looking for someone (especially a blond blue eyed hippy) to reward, punish, and forgive them,  and not to look in themselves and Nation. These people continue to make allowances for European/Arab hypocrisy and lies. These people continue to brand themselves and InI with that negative ideology, always making excuses for 'massa' being ill and wanting  to feel ill in their place.


Origination of ‘Nigger’ and ‘Black’


Let us look at some simple definitions of these words ,where, who and why they were originated.


NIGGER: The Word 'Nigger' derives from the following Eurocentric mindset. Some people could have heard the term NETER ( God/Creator), NIGER,( state in Afrika) and like everything else mispronounced it etc. Regardless, Iperson do not care about that as we Afrikans are the Genesis of Creation the Creators and want to reclaim InI heritage Now.


Niger: A state in West Afrika. controlled by the French to this day..

Necrophilac  - Sexual feelings for or sexual acts with dead bodies

Necromancy - 13th century. Alteration of earlier nigromancie , via Old French, from medieval Latin nigromantia from late Latin necromantia (influenced by Latin niger black) from Greek nekromanteia , from nekros â corpseâ + manteia â divinationâ.


Necro:  Death, the dead, dead body

Necrophobia - from Greek nekros corpseâ. Ultimately from an Indo-European base that is also the ancestor of English pernicious, noxious, innocent, and nectar

Necropolis   -necropolis - (plural necropolises or necropoleis) .A cemetery, especially a large, elaborate, or ancient one  Early 19th century. From Greek , from nekros (see necro-) + polis city.

Necrolatrous - The worshipping of the dead. Negro - (plural Negroes)

An offensive term for a black person. Mid-16th century, via Spanish and Portuguese from the Latin   stemnigr- â black (source of English denigrate and negrophile  (plural negrophiles) . A taboo term for a person who favours the interests of black people.

Negus (plural Neguses) Ethiopian king: a title used for the King or Emperor of Ethiopia 

Late 16th century, from Amharic negus kinged, king.


'Coloured Person' -  An offensive term; meaning belonging to an ethnic group whose members are predominantly dark skinned; but not in South Afrika.   South Africa someone of mixed ethnic origin: someone whose ancestors were of both African and non-African descent. i.e. â Cape Coloured and many in USA and around the globe.



BLACK: Make black - to make something black, or cover something in black; 

Use black polish: to cover something, for example shoes or boots, with black polish 

Bruise the eye: to hit somebody in the eye so that it becomes very bruised and turns a purplish-black colour.


Management boycott: to organize a boycott of goods or some action, especially in support of industrial action being carried out by other trade unions.


Old English black, of uncertain origin: perhaps ultimately from an Indo-European base meaning shine, burn, which also produced English flame; the underlying sense would be scorch and, hence, make dark -blackish, (adj) -blackness, (noun) in the black not in debt or overdrawn having or making money or a profit


Sensitivity issue: The word black is standard in current usage for a dark-skinned person of African or Afro-Caribbean origin or descent. It is the term that African-Caribbean in the UK prefers.


However, many Americans of African descent prefer the more formal term African American, used both as noun and adjective. The term black is sometimes extended to include other non-white peoples such as those of South Asia, but this use is generally regarded as unacceptable, the preferable use being specific names such as Indian or Malay.



In fact these types of people, many of whom live in the Caribbean , hate their Afrikaness, hence if you visit  any  street of any metropolitan city in the world from Afrika to USA to South America, Europe  etc, you will find examples of Afrikans who are wearing all forms of synthetic & other nations hair, and not their own. What is that if not a sign of mental health issues.


‘Black person’. These are my questions: What does ‘Black’ represent? Is there anywhere on Planet Earth, a country, called ‘black country’, referring to black person?  I have heard of Alkebulan, Ethiopian, Nuuwaabian, Asur Asset, Hebrew Isrealites, Ras Tafari, no conscious Sistren or Idren would ever referred to themselves as 'black' people since the late 60's early to mid 70's, a  Mass Afrikan  empowering period of InI time.


Finally I would like to say 'black' apart from addressing finances 'in the black' the word black is a word which supposed to represent Afrikans; does not indicate any area of the globe, belonging to Afrikans, so it is an incorrect  and offensive word.



As Bob Marley said: 'emancipate your minds from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds'


Peace Love and Harmony.


One love

Ras Messenger

1. Queen Tiye was a queen of the 18th Dynasty, married to Amenhotep III. The daughter of Yuya, high official under Thutmose IV. Her mother was Thuya. Queen Tiye was of Nubian extraction.

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